9 Different Types of Angels and Their Roles to us on Earth

9 different types of angels and Their Roles to us on Earth

9 different types of angels

We may be able to talk directly to God through prayer, but the Bible teaches that he communicates with us through a number of angels, each with its own set of responsibilities. Within three major choirs, there are nine different sorts of angels. They are individuals, just like us, regardless of their position in the hierarchy.

Because they can see far beyond a mortal chronology, they are significantly more patient and forgiving than we are. They are aware of our specific life goals and have been appointed to assist us, yet they never infringe on our freedom of choice. There are 9 different types of angels and Their Roles to us on Earth.

What Are Angels

God’s angels in Christianity are based on the concept of angels described in Judaism. These angels are thought to be God’s messengers or troops, carrying out His missions, lessons, and messages to people on Earth.

Angels are divine entities who exist between God and mankind, and they are used by the Almighty to communicate with us here on Earth.

In Christianity, angels are a common picture. They are frequently represented as humanoids with rays of light surrounding them, some with halos and crowns, and the majority with feathered wings. Is this, however, the correct representation of angels as described in the Bible? Well, not quite.

Painters, novelists, and storytellers have created the majority of what we know about angelic beings. Each of us is said to have our own guardian angel who protects and guides us throughout our lives. Do they, however, actually exist? What does the Bible say about them, most importantly?

This article will discuss the various types of angels described in the sacred text, as well as what the Bible actually says about them.

9 different types of angels and Their Roles to us on Earth

Angels are divided into three groupings called Spheres, each of which has nine different varieties. Choirs are the name for these kinds of groupings. They are organized into various hierarchies.

Angels, no matter what kind they are, are still individuals. They have more patience than we can comprehend and can see beyond our earthly presence. They’re also a lot more forgiving than we’ll ever be.

Angels have been deployed to assist us. They may try to lead and guide us, but they will never be able to take away our free will, which we were given in the preexistence when we dwelt with God.

First Sphere of Angels


The Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones choirs make up the first sphere of angels. In the celestial hierarchy, these are supposed to be the highest level of angels. These are the ones who are the furthest from Earth’s humans and the closest to God. They are God’s direct servants.


These are the angels’ highest order or choir. These angels are guardians or attendants in front of God’s throne. They are mentioned only once in the Bible, in Isaiah 6:1-7. “Holy Holy Holy is the Lord of Hosts,” they sing as they adore God. Seraphim have six wings, which is something to take attention of. Two of their wings are used to cover their faces, two are used to cover their feet, and the remaining two are used to fly.


Cherubim are the angels who come behind Seraphim in the angelic hierarchy. They are the second-highest angelic order among the nine. These angels have the appearance of men, are double-winged, and serve as protectors of God’s glory. They are frequently thought to be celestial attendants in the Apocalypse, which is mentioned in Revelation 4-6.


In Colossians 1:16, the Apostle Paul mentions a group of angels known as the Thrones. “For in Him all things were made, visible and unseen, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through Him and for Him,” says this scripture. The Angels of Humility, Peace, and Submission are the Thrones. If the lower Choir of Angels needs to communicate with God, they must do it through the Thrones.

Second Sphere of Angels


These are known as the heavenly governors of the second sphere. These angels assist in the support of many activities related to God’s throne. The Dominions, Virtues, and Powers are all found in this group.


Even though they don’t interact with people on Earth, dominions have a lot of power and influence over them.

Tsadkiel is the Dominions’ commander. He is well-known for assisting in human-caused catastrophes. These are the angels who assist when there is a conflict or an emergency that requires rapid assistance.


All things are kept in order by virtues. They are the ones who cleanse the planet of negative energy as well as those who try to prevent us from doing the right thing.

They are recognized for their purity and royalty. Angels’ virtues can sometimes be credited with miracles.

Virtues are angels who assist us perceive that there is a God, that he exists, and that he is involved in everything.

Raphael is the Prince of Virtues. He possesses the ability to heal and ease the pain.


The Holy Ghost and its powers are inextricably linked. They are the ones who assist us in resisting the world’s temptations, which are brought upon us by Satan and his temptations.

They serve as our protectors by ensuring that these demons do not harm us in any way.

These men are depicted as warriors or soldiers in photographs to remind us that they are fighting evil.

Third Sphere of Angels


The angels of the third sphere are the ones with whom we may feel the most linked while on Earth. These are the people whose mission it is to assist us while we are on this planet. These angels are known to serve as our guides, protectors, and God’s messengers.

Principalities, Archangels, and Angels are the three sorts of angels in the third sphere.


You know how when you look up in the sky and see a beam of sunshine, it fills you with hope and reminds you that God is there? This is what helps me remember the angels of the Principalities. Angels are rays of light who watch over everything.

They are in charge of the world, not only on a national level but also in cities and small villages. They assist in the supervision of politics and religion. They assist in the dispatch of other angels on missions to defend mankind in peril.

Normally, these angels are depicted with crowns and scepters.


Archangel is thought to signify “Chief Angel.” It’s impossible to say how many Archangels there are. Michel is thought to be the only Archangel by some. Other people say there are three of them. Then there are religious groups that mention number seven.

Archangels deal with issues that affect all people, not just one.

Angels of Guardian

On this planet, we are most familiar with the angels known as guardians. They are the ones with whom we have the strongest bonds. These are the people who are the most separated from God.

God’s messengers are these Guardian angels. He sends these to safeguard and soothe us when we are at our most vulnerable.

If you ever sense a presence around you, it’s almost certain that you’re being visited by your guardian angel. I’m sure we’ve all had that feeling that someone, our Guardian Angel, is right there with us.

These nine angels are all involved in carrying out God’s plan. They assist him in directing his job on this planet and in keeping us secure. There is no doubt that God placed these angels in our lives to assist us in our eventual return to him.

Some Angel-related information

Angels were created by God.

Christians believe that when God created the Earth, He also created the angels. Angles weren’t always present. Christians believe that God created the heavens and the Earth in Genesis 1:1, and heaven is supposed to be the home of angels.

Paul tells people in Colossians 1:16 that God created all things “visible and invisible” and uses the terminology “dominions, principalities, and authorities” to describe God’s creation.

Angels are thought to be spirits in being, rather than visible or human creatures.

The Bible only mentions two names of angels.

It may come as a surprise to learn that the Bible only mentions two angel names. Michael is mentioned in Jude 9, Daniel 10:13 and 21, and Revelation 12:7-8, among other places.

In Daniel 8:16, 9:21, and Luke 1, on the other hand, Archangel Gabriel is referenced.

Angels do not always present.

We’ve been taught that angels are always watching over us. Guardian angels, for example, are said to be present in our lives from the time we are born. This, however, may not be the case. In fact, they are said to live in the skies and only visit Earth when they have a mission to do or when they have a message for humans to receive.

It’s always a story about angels traveling from one area to another when you read about them in the Bible. It’s always about God sending an angel, such as Gabriel, who was sent by God to Nazareth in Galilee.

They are thought to be finite organisms, confined to a single location at a given time.

Our Last Thoughts

Most people’s perceptions of angels are based on images and facts from modern civilization. These beings appear to be shown in paintings and movies, with flawless hair and bodies, white robes, halos, and gleaming in a ray of light.

However, when looking for mentions of angels in the Bible, these images are not discovered. Angels are depicted as objects or rays of light in several places in the Bible.

Angels, on the other hand, are known to be God’s messengers and armies. They are the epitome of Christian obedience because they are completely devoted to God. They are those who surround God in heaven and are entrusted with responsibilities such as protecting us, bringing us messages, and reigning over cities and towns.

As Christians, we are instructed to be true to God’s word and to be loyal and obedient to Him. We must see angels as the perfect representation of total surrender and devotion to God so that when our time comes, we can be welcomed into the Kingdom of God as the angels are.

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