The 5 Recommended Bible You Should Read First as a New Christian

Best books of the bible to start with

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Which book of the Bible should you read first as a new Christian? Do you read it from beginning to end, beginning with Genesis and working your way up to Revelation?

Maybe you’ve been a Christian for a long time. You attempted to read the Bible previously but gave up after a while. Now you want to get back into reading more seriously and are determined to finish at least one book.

You may find the entire situation intimidating. After all, the Bible contains 66 books of various types of literature written by approximately 40 different authors.

Whatever your situation, here are some recommendations I would make. While opinions differ, these are my top five easiest places to begin reading the Bible, in order of difficulty.

5 Best books of the bible to start with

The term “best” is subjective in this context. What I think and what someone else thinks may differ, and we may both be correct in some ways. Reading the Bible is preferable to not reading it. Really, any place would be ideal. However, some passages in the Bible appear to be more beneficial to newcomers than others.

1. The gospels

The gospels

Which book of the Bible should you read first? Luke’s gospel

One of the gospels is a good place to start in the New Testament. Starting with a gospel allows you to get to know Jesus and his character, as well as what he is like as a person.

The entire Bible revolves around Jesus. As a result, starting with the gospel helps us focus on the main point of the scriptures. If you are reading through the Old Testament, it may take some time to get to the gospels, and you may miss the main point. Everything must be viewed through the lens of Jesus.

Some argue that John’s gospel provides a good understanding of who Jesus is as a person. While John is a good place to start, some readers may prefer a more comprehensive overview of Jesus’ life, from birth to death to resurrection. Both the gospels of John and Mark only introduce us to Jesus as an adult on the verge of beginning his ministry.

Personally, I would recommend Luke’s gospel. That is a comprehensive book that covers all of the major events in Jesus’ life. It also feels more grounded than John’s more spiritual gospel, making it more approachable and easier to read.

2. The letter of Paul to the Romans

Another good starting point is St Paul’s letter to the Romans. Here, Paul explains the human condition and our inability to live up to God’s perfect standard, Jesus Christ, through our own efforts or observance of the law.

He explains how Jesus’ death and resurrection freed us from sin and death, emphasizing that salvation comes only through faith in Jesus Christ and not through our works.

Romans is an excellent place to begin for a new Christian seeking a better understanding of the fundamentals of the Christian faith. It gets right to the point and explains everything in detail. If you weren’t sure about the significance of certain events in the gospel, Romans can help.

You can then move on to the other letters, such as 1 and 2 Corinthians, or jump to Galatians, Ephesians, or Philippians.

To get started, I would recommend reading through all of the New Testament letters, but starting with Romans to understand the central message of the gospel.

3. The book of Psalms

This book contains songs written by King David, Asaph, the sons of Korah, Heman the Ezrahite, and others. The Psalms are full of encouragement and hope. There are songs for every occasion, whether you’re filled with joy and praise or in anguish, sadness, fear, or despair.

The Psalms are meant to be read aloud, not silently to yourself. When you read them aloud, the words demand a reaction from you. There’s something about the words that you can’t ignore without feeling like they’re stirring up something in your soul.

The reason for this is that the Psalms are speech acts, which I’ve discussed in greater detail here.

Starting with the Psalms can help you focus your attention on God. It can take your attention away from your own situation, especially if you are speaking the words aloud.

4. The book of Proverbs

If you want to read an Old Testament book, start with Proverbs. It contains Solomon’s wisdom, as well as plenty of practical advice that is easy to read. Many of the proverbs are divided into short sayings, making them more digestible and byte-sized.

There are also 31 chapters of proverbs that can be used for a month of daily Bible devotions.

I would only recommend Proverbs for a light read rather than a deeper dive into the Bible. It’s easy to dismiss it as a collection of quotations or pithy sayings, missing the central message of how the Bible should point to Jesus.

5. The book of Genesis


One place I would recommend is Genesis. But I wouldn’t recommend it if this is your first time reading the Bible. It’s more for people who have already read through the Bible and want to approach it in a new way.

Genesis sets the tone for the entire scene. It’s similar to Act 1 or the beginning of a movie. It depicts the creation of the world and the fall of humans as a result of sin, and it already alludes to a prophecy about Jesus’ crucifixion in Chapter 3:15, which states:

15 I will also place enmity.

between the two of you,

as well as between your children[a] and hers;

He’ll crush your head,

and you’ll hit his heel.”

It’s pertinent to see the big picture of the Bible and how everything fits together. The Bible is all about Jesus and God’s plan to save humanity. While all of the Old Testament stories are interesting in their own right, it is critical to recognize that all of these characters are pointing to Jesus in some way. They are types that foreshadow Jesus.

While starting with Genesis is a good idea, I wouldn’t recommend reading the rest of the Old Testament in book order. You’ll probably find yourself getting bogged down by hundreds of laws and rituals by the time you get to Leviticus, Numbers, or Deuteronomy. You may wonder about the relevance of these laws to your life today, or why there are so many genealogies of people you’ve never heard of.

If you do decide to begin with Genesis, I would recommend skipping ahead to one of the gospels, possibly the gospel of John. The first chapter of John also echoes the opening words of Genesis, but in a different way.

If you read through the Old Testament in book order, you may become discouraged and eventually give up, not reading your Bible at all. That’s why I’d recommend starting with the New Testament and then moving on to one of the other options listed above.


I’ve listed my top five recommendations for which book of the Bible to read first. However, there is no correct or incorrect answer to this question. It all depends on where you are in your Christian journey and what you hope to accomplish. There are, however, some entry points that are more accessible than others.

However, wherever you begin, a modern translation written in contemporary English is a good idea. Even if you start reading in the most accessible place, if you’re reading an old English version, you’ll struggle with the language. You don’t want to add another impediment.

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