Here Are 10 Best Christian Dating Apps For Young Adults In 2022

Here are the 10 best Christian dating apps for young adults in 2022

Many people spend numerous hours on dating apps in the hopes of finding that special someone to walk thru life with. Maybe you prefer tall, dark, and gorgeous men. Perhaps you want someone who enjoys dogs or cats, pia coladas, and getting caught in the rain as much as you do.

Perhaps you enjoy sailing and are looking for a first mate who shares your passion, or perhaps you love to binge-watch your whole Netflix queue in one sitting and are looking for a soulmate who enjoys doing the same. That’s before you consider things like how they load the dishwasher, which way they like the toilet paper to hang, or if they run hot or cold at night.

Putting aside your eccentricities, if you’re a believer, you might be looking for a companion who shares your religious beliefs. Many dating apps and websites allow you to share your religious or denominational affiliation in some way.

What Are Christian Dating Sites’ Advantages?

The most obvious advantage of utilizing a Christian dating site is that you can meet other Christians who share your religious beliefs and values. You can wind up filtering thru a slew of possibilities on general dating websites that you wouldn’t want to take home to meet your family, let alone marry.

While it’s tempting to believe that you can meet someone at church or thru another faith-based activity, this isn’t always the case. After all, you’re going to church to worship God, not to look for Christian dates in the pews.

You can broaden your horizons and meet more people by extending your dating life to the virtual world and into the domain of actual Christian dating services.

Is Everyone on Online Dating Sites a Christian?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. It is not necessary to be a Christian to join a dating site. Even Christian dating sites and apps may have non-believers who slip through the cracks.

The good news is that you may indicate your faith when you complete your profile, whether you’re on a generic dating service or one specifically for Christians. You’ll attract other like-minded folks by picking your religious beliefs on the site’s poll and publishing your opinions in your bio.

Also, there’s no harm in asking a potential spouse about their faith or whether they’d be willing to convert right away during a conversation. You can easily filter out mismatches if you know what you want.

Are There Any Christian Dating App Rules to Follow?

There are rules to follow on Christian dating services that will assist safeguard you and keep you safe, just like there are rules to follow on any dating app:

  1. On dating sites, don’t give out personal information. This information includes your name, address, and employer. Before giving personally identifiable information, wait until you have a better understanding of the person.
  2. Confirm if the person is genuine. This can be done without requesting a driver’s license. A video call is highly recommended. Use your dating app’s video calling feature to further protect your information (instead of Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype). A lot of grief (and a murder) could have been averted if any of the women in the movie Click Bait had sought this level of investigation.
  3. Never give money to anyone. Someone sending you a gift is a prevalent fraud in the online dating industry (or multiple gifts). Then they’ll fall on hard times and start begging you for money. Many people agree to this out of a sense of obligation. Don’t fall for this dating app ruse!
  4. Keep an eye out for warning signs. Trust your instincts and move on if you have a bad feeling about someone. The ocean is teeming with fish. Even the greatest dating sites might attract a few shady characters, so keep an eye out.
  5. Talk about your faith frequently and openly. You can even pray as a group!

What Religions Are Allowed to Use Free Christian Dating Sites?

A free Christian dating site is open to people of all faiths. Some genuine Christian dating sites allow you to indicate your religious affiliation, while others may require you to score your level of devotion on a scale. The main message is that you can utilize these services, including paid and free Christian dating apps, regardless of your religious affiliation.

10 best Christian dating apps for young adults in 2022

1. Christian Cafe

best Christian dating apps for young adults

Since its inception in 1999 as a Christian dating website, Christian Cafe has been responsible for more than 25,000 Christian marriages. In addition to catering exclusively to Christians, the company’s founders are also Christians, so you can rest assured that you’re supporting a business that shares your values.

Christian Cafe recognizes that not every Christian is on the same spiritual path. You can filter by devoutness, age, area, religious denomination, involvement with the church, and more when looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right on this Christian-only dating service.

Christian Cafe not only includes forums where you can communicate with other members, gain encouragement, exchange jokes, discuss Christ, and even seek fellowship, but it also has forums where you can meet your Christian soulmate.

The best part is that you may try out the website for free! You can chat with other Christian singles and possibly meet your perfect Christian match during the 10-day trial period.

For Whom Is Christian Cafe the Most Appropriate?

Christian Cafe is the greatest Christian dating site overall, according to us. Although some customers comment that the UI is a little archaic, the site runs well and includes all of the features you’ll need to filter, communicate, and locate your match.

Key Features:

  • A sizable Christian audience (currently more than 2 million members)
  • Beyond dating, there are a variety of ways to engage with Christians.
  • Free trial for ten days
  • Thousands of great endorsements
  • Pricing that is both reasonable and transparent (now $44.97 per month with discounts for multi-month memberships)

2. eharmony

Though eharmony isn’t exclusively for Christians, it is one of the most popular mainstream dating applications on the Internet, and millions of individuals who share your faith use it!

The dating platform was recently updated, making it easier and more scientifically to locate a Christian partner. Your possible matches will receive a compatibility score thanks to matching quality ratings, and you’ll have access to those profiles as soon as you sign up. It’s the internet’s version of falling in love at first sight!

You may be quite certain that the matches that eharmony discovers for you will be a good fit for you. When you register, you’ll be asked a series of questions about your personality, interests, likes, dislikes, and so on. Your results are fed into eharmony’s 29 Dimensions of Compatibility algorithm to help you locate matches.

Members searching for casual encounters may be put off by the time commitment (as well as the membership fee). eharmony, on the other hand, is more likely to help you find serious relationship prospects.

You have a good chance of escaping the relationship hamster wheel and discovering genuine love on eharmony, where someone finds love every 14 minutes.

With video dating, Eharmony has also raised the bar in terms of technology. This feature of the dating site allows you to safely interact with people face-to-face. An A-Zoom or Skype session does not require you to provide your contact information. Instead, you can use eharmony’s Video Date tool to video chat.

You can also carry your dating life with you wherever you go. The eharmony app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

For Whom Is eharmony Perfect For?

Looky-loos and casual daters are discouraged from joining eharmony because of the in-depth personality test and higher price tag. This is fantastic news for anyone hoping for a long-term relationship.

You can indicate that you are spiritual, rate your interest in religious faith, and define your denomination in your personality test to locate other Christian members. These two choices will go a long way toward filtering your matches, albeit they aren’t a guaranteed means to connect with other Christians.

eharmony Key Features:

  • There are 29 million subscribers all across the world.
  • Men and women are in a nearly perfect balance.
  • Over 2 million love connections have been created.
  • Friendly User Interface to use.
  • Video dating and smartphone apps.
  • An in-depth personality test will assist you in swiftly finding a good match.

3. Seeking

The concept has evolved into a dating app that caters to professionals who prefer honesty and transparency over game playing. Originally known as “Seeking Arrangements,” a premier dating site that matched “sugar daddies” and “sugar mommas” with “sugar babies,”.

Despite the fact that it is not a Christian dating site, Seeking’s commitment to honesty is enticing. You get to describe your goals when you sign up, including what you want in a companion and in a relationship. As a Christian, you can state that your faith and Christian relationships are vital to you.

Seeking’s best clients are rewarded with cutting-edge technologies such as video chat and a Google Play app. Furthermore, thanks to a rigorous identity verification process that takes 24–48 hours, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re conversing with a real person and not a fraudster.

The male-to-female ratio is slightly skewed, with four females for every one male. If you’re a guy, this is fantastic news, but it may make Christian women’s dating more difficult.

For Whom Is Seeking Perfect For?

If you’re the type of Christian who knows exactly what he or she wants, Seeking might be the place for you. As a site that caters to the needs of busy professionals, you might get the best of both worlds – someone who shares your beliefs and work ethic.

Key Features of Seeking:

  • In 139 countries, there are more than 20 million active Users.
  • Users are encouraged to be open and honest about their relationship objectives.
  • Process of advanced identity verification

Join Seeking Today by clicking here!

4. Christian Mingle,:

It’s no surprise that Christian Mingle entered our list of the best Christian dating apps because of the word “Christian” in its name. It’s also one of the most well-known Christian dating sites. “Where good people discover good people,” says the company’s tagline, which is both heartwarming and accurate. Thousands of reviews have been written by couples who have had a wonderful experience with Christian Mingle.

It’s simple to sign up, though you’ll have to answer some questions about your personality and faith as part of your profile. You are not required to commit to an answer or a profile setting. You have complete control over your profile and can change it at any moment.

LookBook, a technology that allows you to explore profiles anonymously, is one of the most distinctive things that this wonderful dating site has to offer. You can click the Heart button if you like a profile you view. Someone will be notified if another member has also clicked the Heart on your profile. It’s similar to the popular dating app Tinder, except it’s only for Christians looking for faith-based dating and lasting relationships!

For Whom Is Christian Mingle Most Perfect For

Christian Mingle’s religion-based approach will appeal to Christians who prioritize faith above all else when looking for a spouse. This online dating site is one of the most effective ways to meet new people outside of church or your regular routine. Christian Mingle is one of the top Christian dating sites if faith is a big part of your decision-making process.

Key Features of Christian Mingle:

  • This site is only for Christian singles.
  • There are 16 million members.
  • Memberships are available for free (with limited features)
  • Features for advanced matching
  • Available for both GooglePlay and the AppStore.

5. Silver Singles:

best Christian dating apps for young adults

It can be difficult to discover other silver foxes in the dating scene because the Internet and online dating can feel like a young person’s game. Thankfully, Silver Singles is a dating site that caters particularly to those over the age of 50.

Silver Singles has built a dating software that is intuitive and dead simple to master, with ease of use in mind. Simply enter your email address, take a personality test, and create your profile. The software will then begin pairing you with three to seven people every day after that. When you’ve found a match, start chatting to see where things go.

The service isn’t specifically for Christians, but by answering questions about your beliefs in your personality test, you can be matched with others who share your Christian views.

For Whom Are Silver Singles Most Appropriate for?

Meeting people online can be tough in today’s youth-obsessed visual society, especially if you’ve reached or exceeded middle age. If you’re over 50, this dating site is a welcome respite from the shallow dating pool. You’ll be able to communicate with folks who are familiar with your references!

Key Features of Silver Singles:

  • A site dedicated solely to people above the age of 50.
  • Detailed personality tests assist you in narrowing down potential mates.
  • Every day, you’ll get new matches.
  • Apps for iOS and Android are available.

6 Christian Connection:

Christian Connection obtains high marks for credibility. Online dating for Christian singles can be difficult enough without having to worry about phony profiles and scammers. One Christian dating app has a specialized team that works to keep things secure.

The website, which is a niche Christian dating site, assists Christian individuals in nine countries in finding love (including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia).

The dating service has kept up with technology and the user experience since roughly 2000. Christian singles can use “waves” to flirt with other members. Video chatting, text alerts, and unlimited photo uploads are all included in this Christian app.

The company conducts group events where you can meet other Christian members in addition to helping Christian singles connect one-on-one. You can create your own meet-up if you’re a planner. Bars and restaurants, as well as churches, sporting events, nature hikes, and other venues, are popular gathering spots.

For Whom Is Christian Connection Most Perfect For

You’ll probably love Christian Connection’s events if your dating preferences include meeting Christian singles in a more “natural” setting than the Internet. You can relieve the strain that often comes with first-date nervousness by socializing with a group. You can, instead, unwind and enjoy the company of a larger group. You might meet someone special and make new friends!

Key Features of Christian Connection

  • Only for Christian singles
  • Customer support representatives who are quick to respond
  • Three-day trial with full access
  • Live meet-ups and group activities
  • There is a smartphone app available.

7. Catholic Match:

best Christian dating apps for young adults

Catholics, as the largest Christian denomination, now have their own dating site! Catholic Match began as a side project in 1999, inspired by a conversation about dating while at a charge picnic. was the domain name at the time.

Despite a few setbacks, the founders never lost faith in their vision. Catholic Match has grown to be the world’s largest and best Catholic dating site over the years. You can browse different profiles and filter them by categories like “Traditional,” “Liberal,” “Hispanic,” and so on before signing up.

For Whom Is Catholic Match Most Perfect For

Even within the Christian faith, there can be significant differences in outlooks, traditions, and practices. For Catholics who want to stay true to their faith when dating, an online dating app like Catholic Match is ideal.

Key Features of Catholic Match

  • Dedicated solely to Catholics members
  • Detailed profiles assist you in learning more about yourself while also attracting a date.
  • There are optional quizzes to help you narrow down matches.

To become a member of Catholic Match, simply click here.

8 Zoosk

The word “Zoosk” is amusing to speak, and the whole focus of this dating service is amusement. Though couples have married after meeting on Zoosk, the site’s goal isn’t necessarily for couples to marry. Their mission is to “empower everyone to live a more fulfilled love life,” as they put it.

Whether you’re a Christian, a Muslim, an agnostic, or something else, a fulfilling love life implies something different to everyone. However, owing to Zoosk’s top behavioral matchmaking algorithm, which has gathered data from over 35 million users around the world, you’re likely to find at least one match.

When utilizing the free dating app that comes with your membership, you have various options. You can use a smartphone app or log in directly from the dating website. You can even log in using your Facebook account, which is quite convenient.

You feel as if you have a friend helping you with your dating life when you use Zoosk. Online dating guidance and relationship advice are among the site’s resources. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill blog posts, either. You’ll learn how to send flirtatious text messages, conversation suggestions, and advice on how to deal with common relationship issues. You don’t even need to log in to get all of these resources; they’re completely free.

For Whom Is Zoosk the Most Appropriate for?

If you’re not quite ready to settle down, Zoosk’s laid-back attitude to dating will appeal to you. Of course, just because you take things slowly doesn’t mean you won’t discover love!

Key features of Zoosk:

  • Massive membership base (35 million+)
  • It promotes diversity.
  • Both casual daters and serious relationship searchers are welcome.
  • Verification standards are stringent, which helps to keep you safe.

9 Singles Elite:

best Christian dating apps for young adults

You should check out Elite Singles if you’ve ever told yourself (or nosy family members) that you don’t have time to date. The service targets people who are successful and educated, and its matchmaking algorithm has produced outstanding results when compared to other dating sites.

Despite the fact that the site isn’t exclusively for Christians, it nevertheless makes our list of the top Christian dating sites because it’s easy to identify Christian members with a simple search. And, with 381,000 new members joining each month, there will always be new blood in your dating pool.

Be prepared for witty banter and sharp thinking. Elite Singles’ members have a college diploma in 90% of cases. The demographics also favor older users, with 90% of the user base being over 30 years old.

After you’ve completed your personality test and answered all of the questions, you’ll start receiving multiple matches per day to analyze. Expect three to seven probable prospects on average. You can also describe what you’re searching for in a companion, which allows you to limit your matches to Christians only, which is a great plus!

For Whom Is Elite Singles Perfect for?

When you’re busy, it’s easy to put your love life on hold. And, if you’re more career-oriented or have a more hectic schedule, there may be a clash when you do meet that special someone. By interacting with others who share your career ideas as well as your beliefs, you can avoid unpleasant disagreements from the start with Elite Singles.

Key Features of Elite Singles:

  • Members who are intelligent, professional, and educated
  • Based on the system, you will receive many matches per day.
  • Christian dating is promoted on the website.
  • Look for users who share your faith.
  • A huge user base (13 million members worldwide)

10. Christian Cupid:

Christian Cupid, despite its romantic name, isn’t just about finding love, though it is a possibility. Instead, this Christian dating app encourages users to meet new people and form friendships. In fact, the company encourages people to find pen pals. The concept of a pen pal feels wholesome in an era of digital communication, and we’re here for it.

The origin narrative of Christian Cupid gives rise to the idea of pen pals. It all started when a man from Australia met and fell in love with a woman from South Korea. As their relationship grew, they learned that internet dating can be difficult when you’re swimming in a sea of potential partners. What’s the best way to find the correct one?

Cupid Media’s parent firm owns 33 specialized sites, including Christian Cupid. You can begin by viewing Christian singles in your region and evaluating prospective matches for free. You’ll want to upgrade if you see someone you like and want to use the advanced testing capabilities.

Who Is Christian Cupid the Most Appropriate For?

If you’re not quite ready for a hot and heavy relationship, Christian Cupid could be the perfect location for you to improve your communication and interaction skills. You can start by connecting with someone as a pen buddy and see where things go from there.

Key Features

  • People who want to get married.
  • You can define how much faith you have in your dream companion.
  • Fellow ways to interact with other Christian singles besides romance

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