5 Best Pulpits Podiums For Churches

Best Pulpits podiums for churches

Looking for the best pulpits podiums to buy or donate to your church? don’t worry, we got your back.

So in this article, we’ll share the 5 Best Pulpits podiums for churches.

My church just embarked on a hunt for a new pulpit. As a result, I thought it would be fun to share what I discovered along the journey. I’ll give you some examples from well-known pastors, as well as some of the best pulpits I could find. Hopefully, this information will also assist you in locating the ideal platform for your church.

What does pulpit mean?

The word “pulpit” can be used to refer to the entire stand or just the top portion that holds the preacher’s notes. The word “lectern” is often used synonymously with “pulpit”, but may also refer to the reading desk in any meeting space (e.g., synagogue, mosque), though originally it was exclusively religious in usage. Modern pulpits make use of electric amplification and public address systems like an electronic podium in order to reach larger audiences in big spaces like auditoriums and lecture halls.

Today, there are many different styles of pulpits podiums tailored for specific settings. One of the most popular styles is the fiberglass pulpit which is usually used in churches with wood flooring. There are also pulpits podiums that can be used outdoors that have metal or glass sides to protect them from the elements.

The pulpit is a raised stand, typically at the front of a church, from which sermons are preached.

Pulpits were traditionally found in Christian churches and some synagogues and mosques. They are often shaped like a small stage with three steps leading up to it and they can be made of wood or stone or marble.

1) The Beverley Minster in England has one of the most impressive pulpits in the world with a large niche housing statues of John Wesley and John Calvin.

2) Saint Peter’s Basilica has a magnificent pulpit made entirely of marble by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in 1668.

3) The Al-Aqsa Mosque was built without any pulpits at all but had.

5 Best Pulpits Podiums For Churches

For churches looking for a new pulpit, there are many possibilities. They all, however, fit into one of five pulpit styles:

1. Traditional Wood

Mahogany Stand-Up Lectern

Wooden podiums are common in traditional settings. These are the kinds of things you’d find in a more traditional church. Some people enjoy the nostalgic appeal of the more formal atmosphere they provide. It has the appearance and feel of a church.

Although this isn’t my preferred design, many people enjoy it and it works for their church.

So, if I needed a wooden pulpit, these are the ones I looked at.

Lectern Made of Wood

The Displays2go Wood Speaking Lectern is what you’re looking at. This one’s V-shape appeals to me. It has a formal appearance but a more modern shape. It’s also available in black if you want to opt for a more modern look while preserving the original wood feel.

It features a beautiful shelf for your Bible, sermon notes, and even a drink of water if you need it. There’s also a drawer that could be useful for keeping a microphone, notes, or whatever else you want to put in it.

This is the Maple Hardwood Standing Full Lectern by Church Furniture. It has a convenient built-in extra shelf, is made of real wood, and looks exactly like a traditional pulpit should.

Height is one of the factors to consider. This is a 44-inch tall sculpture. As a result, make sure you measure the height of your podium. Consider the people who will be utilizing the podium and make sure you don’t pick one that is too tall or too short.

2. Modern Acrylic

The ability to see through an acrylic podium is one of its most appealing features. It lowers the barrier between you and your audience, giving your presentation a more current feel.

It has a sleek metal base, but the top section is see-through.

A podium made of acrylic

The fact that the acrylic podium isn’t excessively tall is a plus. As a result, it doesn’t hinder your vision of him as much, and it’s scarcely visible in close-up shots from the camera. However, if you frequently consult your notes while preaching, this may be too low for you.

If you enjoy the look of these acrylic podiums, I found one that is almost similar. I’m not sure whether this is the same podium they use, but it’s close.

The AmplyVox SN3196 Acrylic Lectern is available in a variety of colors. It can handle up to 40 pounds, is 40 inches tall, and has a convenient 24 inch wide surface for your notes.

This is the acrylic podium I would choose if I needed one.

3. Modern Metal

Metal podiums give your stage a sleek, industrial look. Their design also allows the audience to look through the base, reducing the barrier between the pastor and the congregation compared to a typical pulpit.

This is the identical type of podium we bought for our church. 

There are a few advantages and disadvantages, based on my experience preaching with it. It looks fantastic and is designed to last.

This Modern Metal is built to endure a lifetime and could easily handle my complete bodyweight. It is, however, a little on the heavier side as a result of this. I can move it by myself, but I’m a reasonably strong young man.

It stands at a height of 47 inches. As far as podiums go, this one is a tad on the taller side. I’m 6 feet tall, so it’s perfect for me. However, if you or your pastor are shorter, it may be too tall for you. So keep that in mind before you buy it.

Modern Metal, can be purchase from Amazon. The small shelf beneath it is very useful. If you need table water, this is a perfect place to put it.

If black isn’t your taste, it’s also available in silver. With colored stage lights shining off of it, the silver could look fantastic.

This is the podium style we decided on, and it’s one I’d suggest. However, there is another style that I might choose.

4. Pub Table

Preachers are increasingly gravitating around pub tables these days. Pub tables exude a significantly more relaxed atmosphere. Instead of standing behind the table, most pastors will stand next to it. As a result, it virtually completely removes all boundaries between the preacher and the congregation.

The pastor becomes more vulnerable as a result, but also more honest, relaxed, and casual. It’s simply a more contemporary and fashionable look.

Apostle Joshua Selman uses a pub table pulpit,   He has a square pub table with a wooden top and a metal base. When he’s not looking at it, it looks incredibly lovely and practically blends into the background.

Personally, I’ve discovered that when my pastor preaches, I prefer to use a pub table. I occasionally utilize a marble-topped pub table. I would have chosen a different one, but we already have this one in our church and it works fine.

I feel like there’s less of a barrier between myself and the audience when I utilize a pub table. When I’m standing off to the side, I can interact with them a little more and be a little more energetic in my delivery.

This is the Flash Furniture Height Glass Table with Adjustable Height. The adjustable height of this table, as the name suggests, is a terrific feature. It may be lowered to 33.5 inches or raised to 41 inches in height.

The HOMCOM Rustic Industrial Pub Table, on the other hand, would be my first choice if I were shopping for a new pub table.

It looks amazing and has a lot of positive feedback. I adore the strong metal construction and natural elm wood top. It has a modern rustic industrial feel to it, which I adore.

So, if I had to choose a pub table and/or anything to preach on, this would be my first choice. It’s a lovely, durable table that will last a long time.

Some pastors, on the other hand, prefer to get rid of the table totally, which leads us to the final style option.

5. Barstool

Because you don’t have the safety net, not all pastors are willing to try this strategy. There’s no place to store sermon notes if you’re seated on a stool. You must be able to preach almost completely without a script.

You do, however, have the option of standing near the stool and placing a bible or notes on it until you need them.

Apostle Joshua Selman is credited for popularizing this approach. He’ll sit on a barstool near to a TV screen to reference his main points and Bible verses if he doesn’t have any notes in front of him.

If you’re bold enough to try it, it’s a pretty cool look. my pastor hat before, but I like to carry a Bible with one page of notes folded inside. When he is not using the Bible, he will simply hold it or place it on the stool.

Some of Barstool Pulpit are:

  • This Flash Furniture Barstool is a fantastic, budget-friendly choice.
  • stools for the church bar
  • Baxton Studio Bar Stools

At my house, I have a handful of these in the kitchen. Mine are blue, but you can get them in a variety of hues. They’re simple, solid stools that I wholeheartedly endorse.

I would recommend the Baxton Studio Bar Stools if you want to take it up a level and go a little nicer.

They’re identical to the stools I have at home, but with a beautiful oak top and a short backrest. These have the same old industrial aesthetic as my favorite bar table, which usually wins me over. As a result, this would be my first choice for a stool.

These are my personal favorites, but I’d like to know more about you. Which type of pulpit or podium do you prefer?

NOTE: You can purchase the above-listed pulpit from Amazon AND

I’m encouraging you to buy on one pulpit to your church this year, even if is join with other members, and THEN the almighty God will grant you all, your heart desires, AMEN

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