10 Most David Goggins Challenges: Can’t Hurt Me”Stays Unchanged”.

David Goggins Challenges

We’re all about life-changing novels here at the brave revelation. If you let them, words have the potential to brave your perspective on life. Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins is one of the most life-changing novels we’ve ever read. He’s not just the author of this fantastic book, but he’s also a total badass with a long list of accomplishments. He’s a former Navy SEAL and a world record holder in ultramarathons, triathlons, and ultra-triathlons, having completed more than 60 of them. If that wasn’t enough, he also set the Guinness World Record for the most pull-ups in a 24-hour period. David Goggins has acquired a lot of valuable lessons over the years, and he offers them in his book, Can’t Hurt Me.

We’ve put together a summary and book review of the 10 most David Goggins Challenges: Can’t Hurt Me that will walk you through all of the book’s actionable challenges.

What is the Goggins challenge?

Running 4 miles (or the equivalent activity) every 4 hours for 48 hours is the “challenge.” Make the calculations. If a person runs the entire distance in two days, they will have covered 48 miles. However, because you only have roughly 3 hours between runs to do, well, everything else, this structure means you don’t get much sleep.

He wanted as many people as possible to start at the same time (8:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Friday, March 5), in order to foster camaraderie and a social experience, as well as make reporting to him easier. So, although I started at 9:00 p.m. on Friday, the racers in Japan were already running by 1:00 p.m. on Saturday. Then, every four hours, a new “segment” begins.

Goggins converted the event into a highly open-ended fund-raising event by inviting attendees to use it as an excuse to donate to and raise money for whatever charity they chose to support, and then simply report back to him how much money was earned and for whom.

What is the 4x4x48 challenge?

david goggins 4x4x48 challenge

First and foremost, a warning to anyone who believes they can fit one of these in without too much pain: the 4x4x48 challenge will push you to your physical, mental, and/or both limits.

Here are my major comments before we go into our tips for running a 4x4x48 challenge:

  1. The mental exhaustion is what will truly get to you and possibly ruin your day. Having systems and a solid support personnel in place is critical for this (we’ll get to that later).
  2. Slowing down is an excellent tactic, as I’ll explain below. And there’s nothing wrong with walking; in fact, knowing that it’ll happen sooner or later can prepare you for when you have to walk rather than try to keep jogging.
  3. I propose doing normal everyday tasks (cleaning the dishes, writing emails, talking with friends, etc.) during the in-between period when you’re at home. Why? It will divert your attention away from the 4x4x48 difficulty and keep you grounded in reality.
  4. Take a nap whenever you feel like it. This isn’t a challenge that requires you to go without sleep. A 4x4x48 challenge requires a lot of sleep.

David Goggins Challenges

Challenge #1: Can’t Hurt Me

David Goggins airs his so-called “dirty laundry” in the first part of the book, particularly about his hardships growing up with an abusive father, letting readers know that he didn’t have it easy growing up, but that didn’t stop him from overcoming these challenges.

In the Can’t Hurt Me description, the first challenge is to get a notebook and write down everything about the “poor hand” you were dealt in life. “What type of nonsense did you have to deal with as a kid?” David Goggins enquires. Make a detailed list of everything, and then make a list of current factors that are restricting your progress and success. Make certain you’re being completely honest with yourself.

Challenge #2: Can’t Hurt Me

Following that, David Goggins goes into greater detail about his past, including racial and financial concerns. He also discusses how he and his mother had to relocate in order to escape his abusive father.

The second task is to make an “accountability mirror,” which is essentially a mirror covered in Post-It notes. David Goggins encourages you to post all of your insecurities, hopes, and objectives on your mirror using Post-It notes. This is a technique to put everything on the table, be self-aware, and hold oneself accountable in order to develop yourself. Remove the Post-It from the mirror whenever you achieve one of your objectives.

Challenge #3: Can’t Hurt Me

The medical troubles of David Goggins are the next topic in the Can’t Hurt Me synopsis. He shares his experience of being diagnosed with sickle cell anemia, a blood disorder. As a result, he dropped out of military training. He wasn’t pleased with his decision. He eventually came upon an advertisement for the Navy SEALS and chose to join, despite the fact that it made him uncomfortable.

The third challenge encourages you to move outside of your comfort zone and build a “calloused mentality,” just like Jesus did. This will assist you in developing a mindset of “you can’t damage me.” Get out your journal and jot down the things you don’t like to do or that make you feel uneasy. Then begin to take small efforts toward achieving these goals. He suggests “doing something that stinks every day,” even if it’s as simple as changing your bed, and gradually increasing the intensity. According to David Goggins, doing so will make you stronger.

david goggins running challenge

Challenge #4: Can’t Hurt Me

David Goggins highlights a fundamental lesson he learned in Navy SEAL training: that everything in life can be a game of the mind, and that all pain will pass. He claims that many people in Navy SEAL training don’t realize it’s a mental game, and as a result, they resign.

The fourth obstacle entails “soul-taking.” Consider a current competitive problem you’re facing, such as one at school or at work. Determine who your adversary is (a teacher or boss, maybe). Then, work harder than you’ve ever worked before, and you’ll be able to dominate. “Make them watch you accomplish something they could never have done on their own,” David Goggins advises.

Challenge #5: Can’t Hurt Me

In the next section of the Can’t Hurt Me summary, David Goggins emphasized the significance of having a “calloused mentality” in order to navigate through life’s difficult periods and obstacles. He discusses how he uses visualization as a successful technique. He not only visualizes victory but also the problems he may face so that he can be prepared.

According to David Goggins, you should do the same. Visualize the personal triumphs you want to achieve as well as the obstacles you could meet on your way there. This will assist you in being “as prepared as possible.” This will also assist you in developing a “you can’t hurt me” mentality.

Challenge #6: Can’t Hurt Me

Pain, according to David Goggins, is a reward for him since it serves as a reminder that he has accomplished something. In addition, he mentions a figurative cookie jar. This is where he keeps track of his successes as well as the steps he took to achieve them. He grabs a “cookie” from the jar when he needs motivation.

Get your journal out again and jot down triumphs and hurdles you’ve conquered to make your own cookie jar. Then you’ll want to establish some lofty objectives for yourself and go for them, reaching for a “cookie” whenever you need one.

Challenge #7: Can’t Hurt Me

David Goggins offers the idea of a “governor” in our heads who may be preventing us from realizing our greatest potential. He also claims that we’re only doing 40% of what we’re capable of.

So, according to the Can’t Hurt Me synopsis, the next task is to “push past your regular stopping point” by removing this governor from your mind. Gradually increase your workload, recognizing that life is only a game of the mind and that you can handle suffering. This will assist you in achieving goals that you may currently consider impossible.

Challenge #8: Can’t Hurt Me

What was David Goggins disability

David Goggins outlines a principle he’s learned: that everyone, including Navy SEALs and celebrities, is just a human being. Everyone is more “normal” than you might imagine. However, Goggins, being Goggins, wanted to go above and beyond the usual and do incredible feats.

Goggins advocates using the scheduling tool to accomplish remarkable things on your own. This task will take three weeks to complete. Write down your current schedule, everything you do, in great detail, with timestamps, in the first week. This is your starting point. Create a fresh “optimal schedule” in week two, fitting everything into 15 or 30-minute time blocks (it’s fine if a task requires multiple time blocks). Use timestamps once more. Then, by week three, you should have a good idea of what works best and how to make the most of your time and effort.

Challenge #9: Can’t Hurt Me

Following that, David Goggins discusses his willingness to go above and beyond even after achieving his objectives. He emphasizes the importance of setting new goals and achieving them. He advises against succumbing to complacency and instead of striving for more. He claims that greatness does not last forever.

In order to become a true overachiever, the ninth challenge in the Can’t Hurt Me description is to be in “continuous chase” and put up “unending effort.” This indicates that in order to become the greatest of the best of the best, you must constantly place barriers in your way.

#10 Can’t Hurt Me Challenge

David Goggins acknowledges in the book’s last part that he first failed when attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the most pull-ups. He didn’t let this deter him, though. It encouraged him to work even harder so he could try again and finally break the record.

Consider your failures as the final challenge in the Can’t Hurt Me summary. Get out your journal and write down the positive aspects of your failures and how you dealt with them. Then go over that list and construct a fresh list of things you can address, as well as a timeframe for achieving these objectives. Post them on your accountability mirror on Post-It notes. Use what you’ve learned from previous obstacles to assist you to achieve your objectives. Go out there and crush it with the mindset of “you can’t hurt me.”

How do I prepare for the Goggins challenge?

David Goggins Running Challenge
1. Be conservative in your approach: Slow down.

4 miles isn’t a particularly lengthy distance; the difference between a quick and sluggish 4 mile is usually around 10-15 minutes.

To put it another way, there’s no benefit to going fast.

In the larger scheme of things, you only have 4 hours to accomplish each 4-mile chunk, so hurrying to go back and get some more rest may seem appealing.

Running fast has several drawbacks: you’re putting more stress on your system, both your muscles and your cardiovascular system. This may not seem like a big concern during the first few rounds, but once you’re far into day 2, you’ll notice if you pushed yourself too hard during the first few rounds.

As a result, take an extremely cautious running approach:

• Your perceived effort should be a solid 2 out of 10. (think of it as a speed at which you could easily hold a normal conversation with someone).

• Take shorter strides to keep your legs from becoming overworked.

Both of these strategies will aid in the preservation of your legs, which will pay off as you near the end of the 4x4x48 challenge.

2. Make a strategy
How do I prepare for the Goggins challenge

You lose track of whether you’ve run 40 or 60 miles…

The 4x4x48 challenge is the same way. While you’ll be able to keep track of your progress for the first few rounds, you’ll almost probably lose all capacity to remember where you are in the challenge or even what day it is as you advance. Running heavy loads combined with sleep deprivation has a tendency to do this.

That is why having a method and sticking to it are so important.

Have a plan in place, like the one I outlined above, so you can manually track your progress (the simpler and more “tick-boxy” the better).

In my experience, doing math after the 30-mile mark is nearly hard.

Systematizing your meals, water, and sleep is also a good idea. Knowing what you’ll eat and when you’ll eat it allows you to put your brain on autopilot and focus solely on the work at hand.

It’s easy to get muddled up in the later phases and forget to eat, eat at the incorrect time, or drink too much water…

3. The Support Team Is Everything

Given that 4x4x48 tasks are a form of virtual race, your support crew is critical.

If you’re utilizing your family as a support crew, bear in mind that they’re not just helping you out – they’re giving up their weekends (or whenever they have spare time) AND keeping the house running while you do something crazy.

Get your support personnel onboard and on-side as soon as possible. Explain all of your strategies and systems to them so that they can best support you – especially after the wheels start to shake under you…

4. Begin Early In The Morning

What time should the 4x4x48 challenge begin?

I propose starting early in the morning, either at 4 a.m. or around 8 a.m.


Starting the challenge in the morning means you’ll be fresh after a night’s sleep and ready to go.

I also advocate attempting to sleep during the night (consider that midnight and 4 a.m. rounds sleep interruptions) and napping excessively.

Go ahead and get 40 winks whenever you feel like it.

This is a running challenge, not a challenge to go without sleep.

Sleep is essential for staying sane.

5. Continue to move between rounds.

When you’re not attempting to sleep, that is.

When you’re at home between rounds, keep moving a little — by which I mean stroll around your house very gingerly. Then don’t sit down and watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy in the middle of a series of miles.

Gentle, intermittent movement keeps blood circulating in your legs, clearing lactic acid and aiding recuperation

David Goggins sit up challenges
6. Plan your four-mile loops ahead of time.

The 4x4x48 challenge entails running four miles every four hours…So, especially early on, you don’t want to go jogging the extra miles accidentally.

Map out at least a couple of 4-mile circuits that start and stop at your front door in the days and weeks leading up to your challenge.

  • If at all possible, seek flat routes; nonetheless, remember that walking hills is also acceptable.
  • Pick routes you can run securely and confidently at all hours of the day and night.
  • Try to pick a route that you won’t get bored of after jogging it 12 times (if that’s possible).

David Goggins sit up challenge

Numerous scientific publications have been published on each of these concepts, issues, and frameworks, with strong supporting evidence based on anecdotes and rigorous research. While more and more experiments on the science of human performance are undertaken, the core premise of “Can’t Hurt Me” stays unchanged.

The real question, as always, is how many people who read this book will be able to put these challenges into practice and achieve the intended results.

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