10 Biblical Meaning, Dreaming of a Dead Person Talking To You

Dreaming of a Dead Person Talking To You

How wonderful it would be if we could spend our nights dreaming of rainbows and unicorns. No, it does not. Instead, the “ghost in the machine” is frequently a morbid little jerk, filling our minds with nightmares about death and lost friends.

What exactly does dreaming of a dead person talking to you?

The closeness and physical proximity you have with your friends in real life can cause them to appear frequently in your dream world as well.

“When we see our deceased friends in dreams, the dream theme may involve talking to them or spending quality time with them,” says Progressive Behavioral Health psychiatrist Dr. Nereida Gonzalez Berrios. “It’s a symbolic dream that expresses how much we miss the deceased person in our lives.”

Dreams about deceased friends, like all dreams, are a reflection of what is going on in our waking lives. They can have several meanings.

“No one can tell you what something ‘means’ when you dream about it.” “Dreams come from the unconscious, and everyone’s unconscious is different,” says Courtney Douds, a psychoanalyst and social worker in Philadelphia.

According to a 2003 study, the deaths of living loved ones, and the return of deceased loved ones are among the most common occurrences in dreams.

And sometimes the ghosts of the dead we see in our dreams are our friends.

Meaning of dreaming about a deceased friend scenario?

Meaning of dreaming about a deceased friend scenario?

Here’s what each scenario means as it plays out in Dream World.

Dreaming about a fight with a long-dead friend

“It could be fulfilling the wish of them still being alive to fight with,” Douds says if you dream about fighting with a dead friend. “Perhaps you had a fight with someone you wish was dead that you didn’t get to resolve before their death, or perhaps you had a recent fight with someone you wish was dead.” Depending on your experience, any or all of them could be true.”

“Because dreams are symbolic representations of our waking lives,” Gonzalez Berrios explains, “a fight with a dead friend means quarrels, conflicts, and disagreements with close family members, relatives, and friends in reality.”

“Sometimes, the dream also means you’re fighting an internal battle,” Gonzalez Berrios continues. “Perhaps you’re attempting to change a certain aspect of your personality that is causing a lot of relationship issues.

You miss your deceased friends, so when they come to life in your dreams, you give them a big, fat hug. At least, that’s one interpretation.

According to hypnotherapist Chris Lemig, “having a dream that you are hugging a dead friend sometimes means that you are in the process of resolving an inner conflict.”

Dreaming of kissing a dead friend

Kissing a dead friend in your dreams, like hugging, could be interpreted as an expression of concern “that there is something that was left unsaid in your relationship,” according to Lemig.

“The subconscious mind is the repository for all of our life experiences.” “This includes everyone we’ve ever known or met, living or dead,” Lemig continues. “Depending on the context, dreaming about a deceased friend may indicate that we miss that person or some aspect of their personality.”

“If our relationship with the person was less than perfect, it may indicate that we need to resolve some conflict or unfinished business with our friend.”

Dreaming about having sex with a dead friend

So this one gets a little complicated Lol.

However, if you’re dreaming about having sex with a deceased friend who is still alive, “there may be a part of you that feels it is time to end or change a current relationship,” says Lemig.

Dreaming of having sex with a deceased friend “means you are not happy and satisfied with your waking life partner,” Gonzalez Berrios agrees.

“It also indicates that you do not have an adequate warmth, care, and support system in times of distress,” she continues. “You yearn for some real-life intimate moments of lovemaking and friendship.” But because it isn’t happening, the subconscious mind is recalling scenes and images of closeness and intimacy with the deceased friend.”

(Which begs the question: Is having sex in a dream, even with a deceased friend, considered cheating?)

Dreaming about a long-dead friend resurrected

Dreaming about a long-dead friend resurrected

According to Gonzalez Berrios, seeing a deceased friend come back to life in your dreams indicates that you are holding onto memories of the deceased.

“Your unconscious mind isn’t letting you let go of the timeline you spent with your friend,” she says. “It keeps reappearing in your subconscious mind from time to time, reminding you that whatever you have lost in your life will soon be restored to you.” As a result, this dream theme represents the restoration and revival of lost things.”

Douds believes that dreams about dead people coming back to life are a form of self-care.

“If you are particularly grieving the loss of a friend, dreaming of them being alive may help you sleep through the night despite the rawness of your grief,” she says.

Do dreams have any real meaning?

It depends

Because dreams are open to interpretation, no one can ever be certain of what they mean.

“A particular element of dream content does not mean the same thing to all dreamers,” says Harvard Medical School professor Dr. Deirdre Leigh Barrett, author of Pandemic Dreams and past president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

“To understand a dream, one must ask the dreamer about their associations with hugging, fighting, and this specific dead friend,” Barrett explains. “Dream dictionaries mislead dreamers.”

However, dream experts have theories about what dreams about deceased friends might mean.

“Freud referred to dreams as the “royal road to the unconscious.” “If you freely associate with each element in a dream, you may find yourself arriving at thoughts, memories, and emotions that are very different from the initial, conscious narrative of the dream,” Douds says.

In short, if you set your logic aside and consider that a dream about sex with a deceased friend may not be *about* that, you may be able to find some deeper meaning relevant to your own life.

According to Gonzalez Berrios, neuroscientists and mental health experts believe that dreams are symbolic images of waking life.

“Dreams don’t mean much unless they’re interpreted in detail,” she says. “These are meaningful random images and mind musings from our memories that have meaning when properly analyzed.”

“Dreams may represent emotional upheavals, unfinished business, wish fulfillment, hidden desires, repressed conflicts, and much more in the dreamer’s waking life.”

How do dreams work?

“The amazing thing about dreams is that, while they feel completely foreign to us, we create them ourselves through our own unconscious,” Douds says.

“Dreams happen more actively during the REM sleep cycle and are based on the verbal, visual, emotional, and sensory images we accumulate throughout the day,” Gonzalez Berrios explains.

Dreams are influenced by memories and traumatic experiences stored in the unconscious mind.

“Dreams are our minds thinking in a very different brain state — one that’s more visual and emotional, less verbal and rational,” Barrett explains. “But in this visual, emotional intuitive state, we’re still thinking about all of our usual thoughts and concerns.”

Can you stop yourself from dreaming about death?

Because dreams are part of the unconscious, they are immune to conscious commands such as “Stop dreaming about death!”

Talking with a therapist or even journaling about your dreams, on the other hand, “have the potential to change your relationships to the dreams and potential to change the content as well,” according to Douds.

“The most effective way to reduce how frequently you experience a certain type of dream content you don’t want is to actively think about what you want to dream about,” Barrett says.

“Then, before going to bed, tell yourself that you will dream about the chosen content while picturing it in your mind’s eye.”

Is this going to work? Who can say? You might just need to let your emotions run wild and follow your dreams wherever they take you.

Grief’s Psychological Effects of Dreaming About Death Ones

You may be tempted to exorcise the dead from your dreams, but this is not always the best option for your mental health.

“There is no need to stop these kinds of dreams unless they are disruptive to one’s health and well-being, such as causing dangerous levels of sleep deprivation,” says Lemig. “It’s best to approach them with an open mind and curiosity.”

Dreaming about deceased friends can also help with the grieving process.

“Because the unconscious mind is free to generate random and intrusive thoughts,” Gonzalez Berrios explains, “it processes the emotions associated with the deceased person in a negative way.”

“In some ways, negative emotions aid in healing and better acceptance of reality.” The person must accept that the loved one is no longer alive and will not return.

“Grief and sadness are natural reactions to the loss of a loved one, but it has the power to calm the crying heart.” It has the ability to heal deep wounds and cuts caused by the death of a loved one from within.

“As a result, when someone dreams of the deceased soul, an inner work of healing is taking place.” Over time, it aids in better acceptance of the fact.”

Our Own thought about this Topic

dream of dead person talking to you islamic interpretation

Death is a frequent theme in dreams. We frequently dream about the death of people close to us, or we dream about loved ones who are no longer with us.

Such dreams are usually a reflection of our fears for our loved ones, such as death or grieving for loved ones who have died.

Dreams about death may also represent the end of something significant in our lives. The dream about death and dead people is a subconscious message to let go of the past and move on with our lives.

Such dreams could also represent a change in our personality or some major changes we are about to go through.

It could also represent letting go of old behaviors and attitudes, habits, or other aspects of your former self. This dream is frequently a forewarning of impending changes in your life.

Dreams about death may be a reminder or a warning to begin dealing with some important issues in our lives in some cases.

Perhaps you’ve been ignoring your health and jeopardizing your well-being. Perhaps you have some unresolved issues in your relationship and are putting it at risk by ignoring the warning signs.

Dreams about death may also be a way for your subconscious to avoid dealing with important issues and circumstances in your life that you must confront.

Seeing or talking to a dead person in a dream could indicate that you are under someone’s negative influence or are in the wrong company.

If the person you spoke with was a close relative who died, such a dream could be your subconscious’s way of saying goodbye to this person and resolving any issues you may have had with this person.

A dream about talking to a dead person may represent a financial loss in some cases.

A dream about talking to a dead person could also mean that someone close to you, such as a family member, a friend, or a relative, will contact you to ask for your assistance in resolving some issues or difficulties this person is currently facing.


It’s not uncommon to have dreams about deceased friends.

While the meaning of such dreams varies from person to person, seeing the dead in your dreams could simply mean that you miss them, that you have unresolved conflicts with your deceased friend, or that you have other issues in your waking life that you wish your friend could help you navigate.

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