5 Insane (But True) Things About Father’s Day Sermons 2022

sermons on father's day

Jane Addams, a progressive reformer, wrote in 1911, “Poor Father has been left out in the cold.” He doesn’t get much credit. It would be nice if he had a day when he was recognized.”

President Richard Nixon put a bill into law making Father’s Day a national holiday 61 years later.

Despite the fact that this day is not on the liturgical calendar, I am glad that we commemorate it. The first four Commandments concern our connection with God. The last six teach us about our interpersonal relationships. “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may belong in the land which the Lord your God grants you,” states the first of these human-relationship laws.

According to Exodus 20:12 in the Bible.

Father’s Day sermons is a day dedicated to honoring fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the importance of fathers in society. The 19th of March has been commemorated as Saint Joseph’s Day in Catholic countries throughout Europe since the Middle Ages. Father’s Day was originally honored in the United States on the third Sunday in June in 1910, thanks to Sonora Smart Dodd. The day is commemorated on a variety of dates around the world, with different regions honoring fatherhood in their own unique ways.

sermons on father's day

The Eastern Orthodox Church has designated the second Sunday before Nativity as the Sunday of the Forefathers for centuries to commemorate Christ’s fleshly ancestors, beginning with Adam and emphasizing Patriarch Abraham, to whom God said, In thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed — Genesis 12:3, 22:18.

This feast can take place any time between December 11 and December 17. The ancestors of Mary, the mother of Jesus, as well as several prophets, are commemorated at this feast.

In Catholic Europe, a customary day for the celebration of fatherhood may be traced back to at least 1508. It is traditionally observed on March 19, the feast day of Saint Joseph, who is known in Catholicism as the fatherly Nutritor Domini (“Nourisher of the Lord”) and in southern European tradition as “the putative father of Jesus.” The Spanish and Portuguese carried this celebration to the Americas. The Catholic Church actively encouraged the practice of commemorating fathers on Father’s Day beginning in the late 14th century or early 15th century. St. Joseph’s Day, which was reportedly started by the Franciscans.

Fatherhood is also celebrated on St Joseph’s Day in the Coptic Orthodox Church, however, the Copts celebrate it on July 20. The Coptic festival may have originated in the fifth century.

Father’s Day is a recognized public holiday in Lithuania and parts of Spain, and it was in Italy until 1977. It is a national holiday in Estonia, Samoa, and South Korea, where it is known as Parents’ Day. Mother’s Day, Siblings Day, and Grandparents’ Day are all celebrations of family members that complement and honor the event.

It’s a directive with a lot of promise. Give your parents respect, and you will be a person who lives a quality life. Although someone who lives in respect of their parents has a far better probability of living a long life, the main focus is on quality living. So it’s only natural that we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day on the same day. God includes this in his commands because it contradicts our human nature. We have a predisposition to rebel against authority, whether it is God’s or our parents’ authority. We want to be free. We want to do our thing.

Father’s day Sermons Date in some countries

According to research, the following countries has their father’s day on:

Jun 21, 2020

Jun 20, 2021

Jun 19, 2022

Jun 18, 2023

Check out these countries here to know where yours fall into.

Father’s day sermons outlines:

1. A Godly Father loves God

Things to take into considerations

  • (Read Matthew 6:33) the foundation for happiness and relationship priorities.
  • It’s pointless to imagine you can relate correctly to others if you don’t have a genuine relationship with God.
  • You will never be at peace if you are running from God. First and foremost, resolve that issue (Isaiah 57:21)

2. A Godly Husband is devoted to his Wife

Things to take into considerations

  • The majority of husbands believe that love is synonymous with sex. While this is an important aspect of love, it is not the only one (Ephesians 5:25-33). True love strives to meet all of another’s needs. (For a description of true love, see 1 Corinthians 13:1-13.)
  • Romantic actions do not imply a loss of manliness. The list goes on and on: open the car door, pull out her chair at supper, hold her hand and help make the beds, rinse out the tub when you’re done.
  • Your sons are picking up on how to treat their wives from you. They’ll treat their wives the same way you treat your mother one day.

3. A Father who loves his children is a Godly Father.

Things to take into considerations

  • Love entails more than just the providing of worldly goods. Don’t let your children’s childhood pass you by; there is no such thing as a second opportunity.
  • When self-discipline is necessary, do it with love (Colossians 3:21). Don’t lash out at them out of rage.
  • The time spent with children is interpreted as affection. Forget about the “quality time” vs. “quantity time” debate.

4. A Godly Father is a father who is trustworthy.

Things to take into considerations

  • Text: “…to do what is right…to walk uprightly…” The word “integrity” has practically vanished from our lexicon. The highest elected post in our country is tarnished by corruption, and the president has a well-deserved reputation as a liar.
  • A member of the president’s cabinet commits suicide rather than face financial investigations. Instead of a political sewer, whitewater used to refer to a good spot to go canoeing. We are called to be men of integrity and to rise above that.
  • It must pervade all aspects of our lives. In the job; a hard day’s work at home; kept promises, in personal business; timely payment of duties, in other connections; determination to keep my promises.

5. A Godly Father serves as a role model for God’s children.

Things to take into considerations

  • Nowadays, the image of a parent isn’t necessarily positive. In America, more than half of the children are raised without a father. Frequently abandoned by their fathers or demonized by their fathers.
  • Father-child sexual abuse is on the rise. The children are then told that God is their Heavenly Father!
  • It’s no surprise that people are terrified of Him. Please, God, assist us! You, as a father, are influencing your child’s perception of his or her Heavenly Father. They perceive him the same way you do.

Father’s day sermons to preach

This is not a message you’ve heard before on the subject. This is something fresh new that I believe the Lord has sent powerful and ordained men of God to preach.

This is the day when we pay tribute to our fathers. It’s fascinating to learn how Father’s Day came to be. Senora Dodd was a woman from Spokane, Washington, who lived in 1910. She was sitting in a church ceremony on Mother’s Day, thinking about her father while she listened to a sermon about moms.

Her father served in the Civil War. Her mother had died when she was young, so she and her siblings had been raised by their father for the majority of their lives. He was a good and devout man. She thought having a special moment to celebrate her father and all fathers would be nice. She was able to have a special day remembering her father on the third Sunday of June in 1910 in Spokane, Washington because he was born in the month of June.

father's day sermons

Many years later, in 1966, Lyndon B. Johnson signed a proclamation designating the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day, a day to commemorate, remember, and pay tribute to our earthly fathers.

As I look across this facility today, I must say that seeing so many of you fathers sitting with your children is a great sight. When a father and his children attend church together, it’s something wonderful. I heard about a man who was sitting in church with his father as the giving plate approached. I’m under five, therefore don’t pay for me, dad.

Then I heard about the little girl who walked out after the ceremony and told the pastor, “When I grow up, I’m going to give you some money.” Thank you, sweetheart, but why, said the pastor. Because my father claims you’re the worst pastor we’ve ever had, she explained.

One of the cutest things I’ve ever heard was a teacher asking a young child, “What’s the nicest thing your father has done?

Sermons on father’s day: my conclusion

The pleasure of looking back and saying, “Wasn’t I a decent father?” isn’t our last reward. Granted, we’ll experience some pleasures as a result of our hoped-for friendship with our children. The ultimate reward, however, will come when the true model father, God, looks us in the eyes and says, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” “Come into your everlasting rest.”

Keep in mind that God is the model. We aren’t God, and neither are you or I. We are not without flaws. The key is that I am willing to apologize when I make a mistake. The key is that I am willing to defend the children that God has given me when they make mistakes.

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