How To cast your cares Upon God in your difficult time

how to cast your cares upon god

Searching on the phrase “how to cast your cares upon God, in your difficult time”?

Have you ever had a reason to be worried about something? Many of you will probably wrinkle your eyes and start quoting scriptures about how worrying is big a problem you’d be right—but that isn’t the point of my question.

Have you ever had a reason to be concerned about something? Have you ever felt helpless in a situation? Or realized how little control you have over your situation?

I used to be quite worried. I was anxious about everything, but what made things even more difficult for me was that I was second-guessing my own prayers. I’d sit down and pray god’s word against anxiety, and immediately after saying amen, I’d wonder whether I’d prayed the appropriate prayer if perhaps I should have said more, and I’d hope that God understood what I truly meant.

If you’re chuckling right now, it’s probably because you know how I felt at the time It, was a particularly trying time for me, but I’m not going to dwell on my problems; instead, this post will focus on 5 practical ways to cast your cares upon God.

What Does The Bible say about casting care to the Lord?

Though we are told not to worry and to cast our troubles on the Lord, how many of us actually do so? This isn’t because we don’t want to, but rather because WE DON’T KNOW HOW, and we don’t believe we can. “God knows I just cannot do it,” is an underlying thought that we employ to justify our worries.

But why did God advise us so many times not to be afraid, not to be anxious, and not to be concerned? He doesn’t want us to do it, and He knew it would be a constant source of temptation He urged us not to be concerned not because He wanted to add to our list of worries to please Him, but because He genuinely cares about us.

Worry, fear, and stress are emotions we were not made to carry, emotions that will eventually murder our bodies. So learning how to do what God says to do and then actually doing it would be extremely beneficial to us.

1 Peter 5:7 (Amplified) – Casting all your troubles, fears, and concerns (once and for all) on Him, because He loves you and watches over you.

Phillips – You may dump all of your worries on him because you are his personal concern.

Let him have all your worries and troubles, for he is always thinking about you and watching over everything that concerns you, according to the Living Bible.

How To Cast Your Cares Upon God

Casting your worries on the Lord entails replacing your present situation with God’s thoughts, of His love, care, personality, and certain promises. But it’s not only on a superficial level. At the level of your heart, you must replace the thoughts.

This can take some time. Taking the time to renew your mind and replace your thoughts with His love and care is not as difficult as battling to believe and keep your care on Him year after year until you ultimately give up. Take hold of Him and concentrate your thoughts on Him. The cares will be forced out as a result of this.

Take the time, effort, and concentration to enter His presence via praise and worship, focusing your mind on Him and His wonderful promises rather than the difficulties you’re tempted to be anxious about.

Fear will be replaced by knowing and believing in His perfect love for you. It will push it out and replace it with something else. Perfect, total love, as stated in the Amplified Bible, will drive dread out the door and eliminate all traces of horror.

 1 John 4:16-18 – We have come to understand and believe in God’s love for us. Love is God… There is no fear in love (dread does not exist), but full-grown (perfect) love drives fear out of the door and expels all traces of terror! Because fear conjures up images of punishment, a person who is fearful has not yet reached the pinnacle of love maturity.

Ways On How to cast your cares upon God

1. Sing In Order To Direct Your Worries to the Lord

Another approach to engaging God’s word is through music. Music is a fruit of the soul, as the popular saying, when you are in a time of trouble, try to sing praise to the Lord with all your heart when you need help but it seems, as if, you’re alone in this world, JUST sing a joyful song to the Lord because at that point, your HELP comes from the lord, and he will heal thy land. It is through God’s grace, through faith in His Son Jesus, that we are able to do so.

2. Pray for Jesus to be the center of your cares.

By giving worried thoughts to Jesus in prayer, you may take control of them. Because prayer isn’t a magic spell, it’s not a one-shot deal. Every time a notion returns, I toss it back like a hot potato.

“Jesus, I give you this frightening notion and refuse to take it back.” This (situation, person) is not under my control, but you are. Thank you for taking care of everything so I can relax.”

3. Cast Your Cares On Jesus With Art.

Stephanie Carter, a wonderful friend, and fellow Candid Gal showed me how to cast my cares during her Grace to Live Coaching. I drew a cross on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and put out my anxieties. Then I surrounded the cross with scriptures, allowing the Light of His Word to reveal the lies that had been hiding beneath my concerns.

4. In Writing, Give Jesus Your Cares

I occasionally write my concerns to Jesus. “I’m really anxious about this because it just doesn’t look good,” I write in my prayer journal, like a letter to Jesus. But, Jesus, I’m handing it to you. I’m powerless to change the circumstance, which is beyond my control. I hand it over to you, and I’m not going to take it back.”

5. Store Your Concerns IN A Bucket list

Write your concern on a sheet of paper along with a quick prayer to Jesus. Place the paper in a special prayer box. You can even throw it away as a message that the fear is gone and that you won’t be able to get it back until you go trash diving! I (safely) burnt the paper and flushed the ashes when I truly needed to get the message to my stubborn nervous heart!

6. Consider Casting Your Concerns On Jesus.

When I’m having trouble sleeping, I envision putting my problems in a box. I imagine myself picking up the package and carrying it to God, as if in a dream. I try not to visualize God’s face, but I do envision His robes streaming from His throne. “Thank you for sacrificing your son so that I might give you my concern in exchange for His serenity,” I say as I put my box at His feet, my eyes down. God, this is yours. You’ll be awake all night anyway. I’ll move out of the way and leave it to you.”

7. Empower Yourself With The Power Of God’s Word

To chase away your anxieties, activate the live power of scripture by learning, writing, and speaking truth to them.

Here are five bible verses to help you tap into the power of God’s Word and throw your worries on Him.

My Thoughts

You must force them out (cast them out) with thoughts of His care, compassion, and mercy in order to cast your cares on the Lord. Stress and anxiety must be replaced by thoughts of Him, as well as a sense of His love and constant presence. He’s given us His Word to help us overcome our fears. Instead of anxiety, stress, and dread, we will experience peace and relaxation, security, and confidence when we take Him at His word and trust Him from our hearts.

Become a doer of God’s Word today. Cast all your worries on Him. Instead, take His thoughts and replace them with your own.

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