Intercession Prayers

Intercession Prayers – Have you ever been compelled to pray for the masses, for others, for your town, or for the globe at large? That is the Holy Spirit asking you to pray. The Bible is replete with stories of men and women who prayed for others, and Ephesians 6:18 instructs us to: pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all types of petitions and requests. Before going deep, let’s understand what Intercession Prayers is

What are Intercession Prayers?

Intercession Prayers

The basic premise of intercession is to simply tell God what He teaches us to tell Him in order to release His power. In His Word, He instructs us on how to pray.

We can use the Bible to pray. It is incredibly simple. Intercession is God’s creative technique for bringing the saints into authority alongside Him. Its mystery lies in its vulnerability, simplicity, humility, and openness to all.

God has selected intercession as His principal means of releasing His power now and forever. When Jesus created the earth by communicating the Word to the Father, He used the principle of intercession (Genesis 1). He manifests His authority today and will dominate the nations forever in collaboration with His people through intercession.

  • Intercession alters us by causing us to internalize God’s Word.
  • Intercession connects our hearts to the persons and places for whom we pray.
  • Intercession restores our trust and optimism.
  • Intercession gives life (John 6:63).
  • Intercession has a long-term impact that extends beyond this age (Rev. 5:8, 8:1-6).
  • We are humbled by intercession.
  • Intercession alters the spiritual climate of towns and nations.
  • Intercession brings several blessings back to the intercessor (Luke 6:38).

Examples of Intercession Prayers

I pray for folks in my area, city, and church. Begin with those who follow you and assist them in influencing others for the better. Allow them to be salt and light, directing people to you. Increase their affection for you and the others around them. Keep them from becoming hypocritical or succumbing to temptations that could hurt the cause of Christ.

Raise up leaders who will faithfully serve you at all costs. Fathers’ hearts should be turned toward their children, and families’ hearts should be turned toward you. Encourage them to live out your principles and to be courageous in their religion. Lord, strengthen my own family and those closest to me.

May our love for you inspire us to love and forgive others so that we can make a difference in the world.

I pray for teachers, students, and all those in positions of power and leadership, both locally and globally. Give them your thoughts, and surround them with godly counsellors who will act with honesty and struggle for justice, morality, and freedom. Assist them in valuing you rather than dismissing you. Lord, send revival.

I pray for the grieving, the lonely, the sick, the bereaved, and those imprisoned—both apparent and unseen barriers. Send your comfort, peace, and calming presence to people who are hopeless. Keep the defenceless dear to your heart and protect them.

I pray for labourers to spread the good news of Jesus all across the world. Jesus, my heart screams out for persecuted Christians as well.

Make them brave by providing them with your tremendous protection. I pray that you would swiftly deliver justice to those who seek to destroy the innocent and those who bear your name. Bind Satan’s power and boost believers everywhere.

So many needs, Jesus, but you are sufficient for all of them. Your name is powerful, and so is your power. So, in your name, I pray—and believe.


Additional Examples of Intercessory Prayers

An Intercessory Prayer for the Church

“And he said to them all, “If anyone will follow me, let him deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow me.” For whoever saves his life for my sake will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my reason will save it.” Luke 9:23-24

With this verse, You have given us what appears to be an insurmountable assignment. You have requested that we deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow You. Our flesh is weak even while our spirits are willing. Father, you know what is in our hearts. Help us to examine our hearts and hear from You through Your Holy Spirit. The longer we walk alongside You, the more we resemble You.

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We want to become more like You, less selfish and more unselfish, willing to deny ourselves in all circumstances. You have promised that if we lose our lives for Your sake, we will save them. God, save us from ourselves.

Let us approach God with humility and a determination to follow as we bring up these words for our churches. Let us prioritize others and assist our Christian brothers and sisters. May we seek God first, putting our own interests aside. May we become intercessors for our Christian brothers and sisters. We should pray more and condemn less. May we be uplifters and encouragers.

Prayer of Intercession for Your Adult Child

Thank you, Father, for making me a parent. Today, I pray you to shower blessings and favour on my children. In your presence, give them the finest of everything. Keep a loving, vigilant eye on them. We give you all honour and glory.

Dear God, I know that you are the source of all good and perfect gifts. I thank you for the love and support you give to my children and me. Today, I ask that you shower your blessings on my children. From your vast resources, provide them with shelter, food, and care.

Father Creator, I know that my children will face difficulties. As you go through the rivers with my children, strengthen them and make them aware of your presence (Isaiah 43:1-3). Father God, you are trustworthy and will keep my children safe from harm. You are the only one who can give them the strength to endure. Your grace is adequate.

Intercessory Prayers Example

You are the all-powerful God, Almighty God. You rule over all; power and might are in your hands. What you decree will come to pass. As a result, I thank you for being God today and always.

I pray for you today, for the Nations, that your word will spread freely throughout the world, drawing sinners to your love and transforming them into Christ Jesus in salvation. Lord, I pray for my friends and loved ones.

They have yet to come to know Christ Jesus, and God’s Grace will transform them from darkness to light. Finally, they will accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

Father, I pray for spiritually weak fellow believers to be strengthened by the Holy Spirit’s might in their inner man. Lord, I pray for your truth to reign supreme and your light to remove all darkness in my land.

Today, I pray for Grace to abound in good actions in order for Christ to be glorified in me. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Heavenly Father. Amen.

This Intercessory prayer sample assists us in remaining in the position of prayer before God. We want His will to be done in our lives as leaders, brothers, and even sinners.

In intercessory prayer, you give the needs of others precedence over your own.


God is on the lookout for intercessors. Every Christian should participate in this mission. Then we will see the manifestation of God’s will in our nations. We shall discern God’s will in the lives of our loved ones and the sinners around us. And, in the end, we see God come through for us as well.

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