Prayer For Protection Against Evil In The Workplace

prayer for protection against evil in the workplace

Protection is something that we think about on a daily basis, whether we’re at the workplace, schools, church, etc. How should we respond in a world rife with hatred, rage, and violence? Our children and families are in danger, and we are responsible for ensuring their safety. Is there anything we can do to protect them from harm? How can we enlist God’s help in ensuring their safety and protection?

God has made prayer essential energy that we can all employ to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the evil that surrounds us. If that’s what you want, here are some prayers for protection against evil in the workplace that may help you express your feelings to God.

Prayer for protection against evil in the workplace

1. Prayer for those working on the front lines of public health crises

As illness spreads across our country, Heavenly Father, I pray for safety and protection for my coworkers and myself. On a daily basis, we are on the front lines, dealing with sick people. Father, no matter how many measures we take, the odds of us becoming ill are high, and it is a frightening fact to face. I pray for Your shield of safety, which is far more effective than any earthly safeguard we might take. Calm our anxieties. Thank you very much, Jesus. Amen.

2. Prayer for Trust in the Face of a Public Health Crisis

Jesus, Lord, This public health problem makes me nervous. I’m doing my best to keep healthy, but my fears are growing along with the rest of the world. Despite the fact that many others have been ordered to work from home, I am still expected to go to work as usual. What if I fall ill? What if one of my coworkers gives me something? Please, God, keep me safe. I ask for the courage to trust You in the face of fear, as well as the insight to know what fears are legitimate and which are exaggerated. God, thank you. Amen.

3. Prayer At Critical Time At Work Place

My employment is critical to the well-being of others, Compassionate Father, and I am glad to be able to give to my friends, family, community, and country. I am aware that what I am doing is necessary and can benefit a large number of people. That does not negate the risks and dangers associated with what I do. That doesn’t change the fact that I’m terrified of putting myself in danger. Protect me, Father, from the sickness and danger that surrounds me. Keep me secure so that I can continue working without fear of infection. God, thank you. Amen.

4. Prayer for Protection from Illness at Work

My immune system isn’t the most trustworthy or strong, Father God. As a result, it’s quite easy for me to catch a cold from someone else. Please, God, keep me safe and healthy while I’m at work. I’m working in close quarters with my coworkers, and I’m requesting Your protection from infections and disease. My body is frail, but You are powerful. Please take care of me. Amen.

5. Prayer for Job Security

Jesus Christ, My work environment makes me nervous. I’m not comfortable with some coworkers, and I’m not confident in the stability of my employment. Others are attempting to undermine my authority and achievement, and I’m not sure how to respond. I beseech You for help and safety. Please help me avoid succumbing to fear or acting on my insecurities. God, even in the midst of my fears, help me to continue to treat everyone with love and respect, as I trust You to keep my position safe. Amen.

6. Military Personnel in Need of Prayer

I pray to You, Most Holy God, to keep me safe as I travel to serve my country and fight for my people’s freedom. I’m nervous because danger will be lurking all around me, but I know You’ll be there to protect me. Lord, in my fear, assist me in ignoring all distractions and keeping my gaze set on You. God, I hope that You keep me safe so that I can return home when this is all done. God, please return me to my family. Amen.

7. Job Prayer for Protection from Danger

Jesus, Lord, Until recently, I had never been afraid of my job. I enjoy what I do and the fact that I can put my life on the line for others. This risk usually delights me and makes me feel as if I’m following Your command to lay down my life for a neighbor. However, I have a family and people who rely on me, and I am now afraid for them and how my death would affect them. God, please be with me. I beseech You for safety, protection, and strength. Help me to feel safe in You rather than terrified. Amen.

8. Prayers for Me and Others

I pray for Your protection at work today, loving God. Be present with me in the face of the danger and damage I witness on a daily basis. I know there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to You, God. Lord, I seek for Your presence because it is the safest place to be. Instead of focusing on my fear, please help me to rest in my knowledge of You. Thank You, Jesus, for Your kindness and protection in the past. Please keep me safe today as well. Amen.

9. Prayer is Mighty to Save

God, the Most Merciful, You’re with me, and You’re strong enough to save me. Be my security. I’m not concerned since I know You take tremendous pleasure in me and sing over me. You’re the only thing that can keep me safe. Today, Jesus, be that shield for my coworkers and me. We are vulnerable and weak when we are alone, but nothing can affect us while we are with You. We are safe with You. Jesus, I adore You. Thank you for being so kind to me. Amen.

10. Prayer of Complete Faith

The enemy is enticing me with fear by putting me in a location where I don’t feel safe, Heavenly Father. Help me overcome this temptation by placing my complete trust and faith in You. I beg You, God, to remove all dread from my life. I have faith in Your ability to protect me from sassy and jealous coworkers. Allow me to relax and enjoy the rest of the day in the protection of Your arms. I pray in Your name. Amen.

11. Prayer of the Mighty Savior for Physically Dangerous Jobs

Be with me, Mighty Savior, while I confront the hazards of my employment on a regular basis. I never know what will happen or how I will deal with it, but You, God, do. As I step into the unknown, I pray for Your protection. Allow me to put my trust in You and give me the confidence I need to execute my work well. Allow me to act without fear, knowing that You are the one who controls the future. Amen.

12. Your Protection Prayer Can Be Trusted

Jesus, I’m coming to you in prayer to beg that You keep my team and be safe at work today. Please keep my workers safe today as they put their lives on the line. Let today be a day without accidents or injuries. God, I have complete faith in Your protection. There is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to You. I’m in love with you. Amen.

13. Prayer On Do Not Be Afraid

Father, the Bible instructs us 365 times not to be afraid—one for each day of the year. I won’t be terrified today, God, because of that. Rather, I will put my faith in You and Your goodness. As I confront the unknowns of work, be my safety and protection for the day. You are safe, good, and mighty in the face of demanding jobs and perilous situations. Allow me to take comfort in the fact that You are God. Amen.

14. Prayer to Banish Fear

I pray for Your protection today, Father. It’s easy to become frightened or scared when faced with all of the dangers and risks that come with a workplace. But I have no fear in You, God. You, God, have extinguished all dread. I don’t have to be concerned about the day ahead because of Your protection. Thank you very much, Jesus. I’m in love with you. Amen.

15. Prayer for Protection as I Pursue a Promotion

I pray that You grant me the courage and strength to stand up for myself and what I believe in at work, Everlasting God. I want to advance in my company, but I don’t want to put myself in jeopardy to do so. Protect me, Jesus, against any ungodly pressures I may encounter at work. Assist me in remembering You and Your way. Amen.

16. The Lord’s Path to Success Prayer

I am guilty of wishing for success. I can be egotistical and greedy, and this is sometimes how I get things done at work. God, keep me safe from bad ideas, desires, and objects. I’m concerned that I’ll succumb to temptation at work. Keep me safe and grant me the insight to recognize the Lord’s path and the strength to constantly follow You. Amen.

17. Prayer for Protection from Violence

Every day that our world’s violence rises, I become more concerned about my own safety at work. What if something goes horribly wrong today? What if I make a fatal error today? I’d want to believe that I’m overthinking things, but violence has become such a common occurrence for so many people that I don’t believe I’m overreacting. Please, God, be my guide and protector. Help me to find refuge in You. Whatever occurs, please give me the assurance that the future is in Your capable hands. Amen.

18. Prayer for Childcare Jobs Protection

Merciful Father, I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake. People rely on me to care for and be accountable for their children in my line of work. Every day, I’m plagued with anxiety and concern that I’ll fail those folks in some manner. I’m always thinking about the worst-case possibilities, which makes me quite nervous. God, please keep the children under my care and myself safe. Calm down my nerves. Please keep an eye on us and make sure we’re safe. God, I adore You. Amen.

19. Prayer for a Watchful Eye Against Sabotage

When I’m at work, Lord Jesus, I always have the feeling that someone is trying to get me. I’m not sure if this is a real fear, but I’m going to pray about it. I pray that while I am at work, You keep me safe under Your watchful eye. Protect me if my fear is justified. Please soothe my nerves and grant me comfort if it isn’t. Thank you very much, Jesus. Amen.

20. Prayer for Protection Against Unexpected Mass Violence in the Workplace

I never imagined that my place of employment would be a place where I was terrified to go. But, with everything that is going on in this country and all of the shootings on the news, I am terrified. Please, Lord, keep me safe from any violence or mass shootings that might occur at work. God, I pray for Your protection for my coworkers and myself from something that seems insane yet happens on a regular basis. Please don’t let something like this happen to us. Amen.

Prayer for Protection on the Front Lines

It’s difficult to be on the front lines at times, Holy Spirit. I enjoy what I do, but I am always concerned about what I am risking at work and whether it is worthwhile. I beg You, God, to protect me and keep me safe from any threats that may arise. God, you are trustworthy. Please keep an eye on me and protect me. Amen.

Prayer for Concentration and Alertness

Jesus, I’ve gone to You to request that You keep an eye on me while I’m at work. I work long hours and am frequently exhausted, and if I am too tired, I endanger myself and others. Please, Lord, keep me awake, aware and focused. Assist me with remaining aware of my surroundings and protecting myself and anyone else who may be wounded as a result of my blunders. God, thank you. Amen.

Prayer: You Are Mightier

I pray that as I leave for work today, You will be with me throughout the day. Stay by my side and protect me from harm or danger. Whatever the day may bring, God, I know You are more powerful. When I am in Your embrace, there is no threat that can reach me. Please protect me and lead me through my day, God. Thank you very much. I’m in love with you. Amen.

Prayer for those who are prone to worry

Greetings, God! I’m aware that I’m prone to worrying, and I’m also aware that concern is unproductive. I’m confident that You’ve got this. Assist me in calming my heart so that I can sense that You are in command. Calm my thoughts so I don’t have to worry about my safety at work. Reduce my concerns and serve as a shield for me. I have nothing to be concerned about if You are keeping me secure. Thank you, God, for keeping an eye on me. Amen.

How to pray for protection against evil

Put on the complete armor of God so that you can stand against the devil’s plans. We are fighting not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, authorities, cosmic powers ruling over this current darkness, and spiritual forces of evil in the higher realms. [Ephesians 6:11–12].

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