5 Reasons We Stray From God And How To Get Back To A Place Of Intimacy With Him

Reasons We Stray From God

People often ask “Reasons We Stray from God”

When most people hear the word “stray,” the picture that comes to mind is of an animal without a home.

The animal roams the streets in search of food, shelter, and other necessities for existence. People who turn their backs on God are in the same boat.

They go out into the world, assuming they can take care of themselves, when in reality, they are fleeing God. People turn away from God for a variety of reasons.

Maybe they’re afraid of getting too near to Him, or that He’ll ask those questions they don’t want to answer. God may also ask individuals to let go of relationships, habits, or possessions that aren’t pleasing to Him.

Many people begin to stray away from God as a result of personal sins that make them feel guilty when they attend church. When people are aware that they are dealing with these challenges, they may be hesitant to pray or read their Bibles.

If we stray from God for any reason, he will always bring us back. Here are some of the reasons why people turn their backs on God.

Reasons we stray from god bible verse

Jeremiah 5:19 If anyone among you strays from the truth and is brought back, brethren,

20 Let him know that whoever tries to change a sinner’s path will save a soul from death and forgive a multitude of sins.

5 Reasons We Stray From God

1. We believe we are the most knowledgeable.

We stray from God’s best when we trust our feelings rather than His promises. We learn to manage life with rushed decisions and hasty emotions as we go through the daily grind, and we swiftly stray from God’s path.

When we take our gaze away from the Lord, we are silently stating that we are entirely capable of mapping our course and navigating this world on our own. We disregard God’s authority and reassert our selfish hearts on the throne of dominion, proud and haughty.

2. God’s grace is something we take for granted.

Have you ever felt complacent and restless in your religion at different times in your life? You wouldn’t be the first, and you won’t be the last if that’s the case. Our eyes grow unfocused and our senses dull to the mystery of God’s grace when we “play church” or go through the motions of Christianity.

When our eyes and hearts aren’t concentrated on Jesus, it’s easy to forget His sacrifice and life-changing atonement on the cross. When we become complacent in our salvation, a restless stirring arises in our soul, and we find ourselves wandering aimlessly away from the Lord’s best.

3. We are scared.

If we are not anchored and planted in faith in the midst of life’s storms, we might easily be blown off course and cling to the delusion that our fear is more important than our almighty Father.

Fear causes us to doubt God’s power and capability to intervene and make room for our circumstances. Taking a leap of faith is sometimes God’s best, but if we’re immobilized by fear, we can miss out on an opportunity God has for us because we’re afraid to take a chance.

4. We are easily diverted.

Christians, like a child chasing after a flying butterfly, become sidetracked in this fast-paced world. Living without our eyes fully on the Lord, distracted by responsibilities, obligations, and daily demands can prevent us from enjoying the best that God has planned for us.

In order to focus exclusively on God’s face and His flawless plan, we must learn to guard our hearts and pray for blinders.

5. We’ll have to be patient.

Waiting can be excruciating if we allow our circumstances to overshadow God’s truth and paralyze us.

Waiting can be a time of growth and refinement if we focus instead on God’s faithfulness and truly seek His guidance.

Even when the wait feels lengthy and lonely, it’s a blessing to watch His plan develop after waiting for Him to move.

We must learn to bind our wandering souls to the Lord’s knowledge and will and to put our lives and situations in His hands.

Some people quickly blame God and walk away from Him when tragedy hits or events do not go as planned.

Whatever your reason for straying from God or resisting your faith, the beauty of God is that He is a wonderful Father. It’s the reality that He still loves you despite everything.

He still keeps an eye on you and protects your safety, and when you’re ready, He welcomes you back with open arms.

How do we get back to a place of intimacy with God when we’ve strayed from Him?

This is a common concern among Christians who, despite being saved by the Lord Jesus Christ, continue to sin. There is no Christian who is sin-free. We still sin despite our best intentions and efforts to avoid failure. As a result of living in the flesh rather than the Spirit, we may find ourselves lacking joy and seeming to be far from God.

Desire to draw closer to God:

Desire is defined as the feeling of wishing for someone, something, or something else. A person devotes their time and money to achieve their desires. It is common for the realization of one goal to offer satisfaction for a short time, but the list of unfulfilled desires causes unhappiness.

It has been noted that the fulfillment of one want might lead to the creation of another desire. Life’s desires have no bounds, or to put it another way, human desire is limitless. Assume a person satisfies one want to eat tasty food, then another desire to eat tasty food the next day. Even after accomplishing multiple desires in life, a person cannot be happy if their urge to fulfill is replaced by a larger desire to achieve.

When a person desires something that isn’t regarded as a terrible thing, it is one of the most powerful forces in a person’s life… The desire to gain God or to obey God’s regulations might be moved. Thus, the desire to obtain God or to obey God’s rules is one of the most significant factors that can keep you from straying from God.

Prayer is the Key (Pray to God)

Prayer to God is an excellent avenue for ongoing communication with God if you have sincere confidence in Him.

If a person has confidence in God and prays to him every day with discipline, God will listen to him. Another benefit of prayer is that it can help a person avoid all of their negative energy, such as stress, disappointment, and so on.

You can also see that if you pray to God regularly for days or weeks, it can create one type of magic or one type of attachment with God, and then doing prayer each and every day becomes part of your daily routine life, so that doing prayer every day with true faith becomes part of your daily routine life.

God’s regulations and commands must be followed:

If you want to get closer to God, follow the religious rules with order and discipline.

The rules are mentioned in the major religious texts, and if people follow them with discipline, they can assist in moving and leading people closer to God.

Confession of sin and repentance

Confession of sin and repentance to walk differently in the future are the first steps toward restoring a connection with Christ after a period of wandering or disobedience. When we remember 1John 1:19, confession becomes simpler.

1 John 1:9 – He is true and righteous to forgive us our sins and to purify us from all unrighteousness if we confess our sins.

Walking back to God requires an understanding of God’s readiness to forgive. Remember that the Prodigal Son returned to his father because he saw how compassionate and forgiving he was.

Be spiritually Filled

As we mature spiritually, we will value the pursuit of righteousness more and more, and as a result, sin will become less prevalent over time. Sin, on the other hand, will never be totally eradicated from our life. Because sin is always present to some degree, we must always be on the lookout for its repercussions. Otherwise, it is always poised to steal us of our delight in Christ by isolating us from His company. We can genuinely feel the cleansing of His blood and be restored in fellowship with Him by admitting our sins to the Lord and putting on the whole armor of God.

Reasons We Stray From God and How to get back to a place of intimacy with Him

Obviously, our sin does not end our eternal and unbreakable relationship with God, which Christ has secured.

Although our relationship with God is unbreakable, our friendship with Him is not. The first is unconditional, while the second is conditional. Our decision to stay with Him is an act of will (see John 15).

Confession of sin and repentance to walk differently in the future are the first steps toward restoring a connection with Christ after a period of wandering or disobedience.

It’s simpler to confess when we recall 1 Revelation 1:19

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