Why Do We Forget Our Dreams:10 Spiritual Meaning

Why do we forget about our dreams? What does this mean for our dreams and for ourselves in general?

It must be stated right away that no one does not dream, and that physiological examinations have revealed that dreams occur in the so-called REM phase of sleep, which is closest to the waking state.

Later, the deeper phases of sleep are characterized by slower brain waves that differ increasingly from the waves in the waking state, and these phases of sleep are distinguished by the fact that the person sleeping in them rarely dreams, and is more difficult to wake up.

Not everyone, however, remembers their dreams. What does it mean if someone forgets their dreams?

People usually forget about 90% of their dreams within ten minutes of waking up. But what about those who have no recollection of their dreams?

When the brain is well-rested and ready to wake up, dreaming is a sign of brain activity.

In this article, we’ll discuss the Spiritual Meaning of Forgetting Dreams, biblical ways to remember your dreams, and the spiritual Implications of these dreams, so follow with me.

People who do not recall having any dreams may experience fatigue and a lack of sleep.

Chronic pain, exhaustion, and a lack of sleep can cause you to forget or not remember your dreams.

People who forget their dreams more frequently than others do not have a strong connection with their dreams.

That means they don’t take their dreams seriously and may not have an emotional attachment to them.

Spiritual Meaning of Forgetting Dreams

Forgetting dreams is sometimes a kind of preparation for the emergence of a dream with a powerful message that will soon appear – our soul says that it is truly necessary to start clean in order to correctly receive a certain message from the dream world.

This means that the soul is currently directing all existing forces to “create a dream scenario” and psychologically preparing the dreamer to accept its contents.

Another question is where this intention comes from – it could be God, some external force, a collective consciousness, etc. In any case, it is what lies beyond…

When we override the physiological reason for dream forgetting, such an event, in some cases, suggests failure.

That Source’s message is that you are dealing with fears about not doing what is expected of you.

Such a dream indicates that you are so passionate about something that you are afraid of missing out on the opportunity to do it.

In some cases, when you cannot remember your dream but are fairly certain you had one, such an event may indicate that you have neglected some critical aspects of your life, such as your soul.

It demonstrates that you have been extremely busy and have had no time to devote yourself to what truly matters – the obstruction of a dream, and thus the message it brings is blamed for this.

Spiritual Implication of Forgetting Dreams

Because it is well understood that information from the unconscious enters our conscious part of the personality through dreams, that this information frequently does not correspond to our conscious attitudes, and that it is frequently almost unacceptable for our personality at that time in life, it is understandable that forgetting dreams can occur.

  1. It arises as a result of our conscious’s resistance to accepting these unconscious contents, as explained in numerous texts.
  2. This is what science says, but what about our feelings and subconscious minds, that spiritual center – why do we forget our dreams?
  3. People who are not truly connected to their spiritual selves do not dream (or do not remember their dreams) as much as those who are.
  4. In this sense, some people find it difficult to accept the contents of their unconscious part of themselves, and they have no habit of communicating with their unconscious but with a wiser part of their character.
  5. If, on the other hand, you are connected to your spiritual self, you are very well connected to the part from which you obtain valuable information that will correct many incorrect conscious attitudes.

What does our spiritual self have to say when we can’t remember our dreams?

This also serves a purpose; at the most basic level, such dreams prepare you for increased responsibility in real life, most likely the tension to which you are exposed in reality.

  • A lack of memory indicates that you are overworked; you may even believe that a particular task is beyond your abilities and that others will regard you as incompetent.
  • Then your spiritual self turns off, allowing you to clear your mind so you can restore energy and begin again.
  • On another level, these dreams (which we don’t remember; it’s not a matter of whether we have them or not; we always dream, we just don’t remember them) represent an unconscious desire to leave something behind.
  • Your spiritual self is causing you to forget because you subconsciously do not want to return home/to the place of your origin, to where you are right now while dreaming.
  • The other reason you forget your dreams is that you are overburdened with changes and plans, and you are not allowing yourself to flow with the Universal flow, but rather pushing in the opposite direction.
  • Such a forgotten dream appears as a representation of all those things and people who rely on us, or so we believe.
  • This dream expresses anxiety while simultaneously increasing the dreamer’s awareness. It demonstrates a high level of responsibility and concern.

Finally, the spiritual meaning of forgetting dreams serves a purpose – such intention of a spiritual origin, of the Source, makes you feel clean, clear, and refreshing, almost as if re-born, with all of the purpose moving you in some other direction, far from home.

Returning to the right place, where your spiritual self can grow, is very close, and you will realize that such a dream brings you happiness and relaxation. You will be relieved to learn that there is a valid reason why you forgot about your dream.

Spiritual ways to remember dreams

The following are some steps that anyone can take to reactivate their dreaming ability:

  • Save yourself. If you have not yet accepted the Lord Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour, please pray this salvation prayer.
  • Dream interpretation is inextricably linked to spirituality. Only spiritual people have the ability to dream. You must become spiritual in order to stop forgetting your dreams.
  • If you know you were once spiritual but fell off the wagon in your walk with God, begin by rekindling your relationship with God.
  • Sin is darkness; it closes people’s spiritual eyes, causing them to live in the dark and forget their dreams. Use scriptural principles to live a consecrated life and live above sin.
  • I despise lukewarmness and carnality.
  • Immerse yourself in daily communion with Jesus Christ by praying, fasting, and studying the Word.
  • Fill yourself with the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray relevant prayer points that will assist you in remembering your dreams.

The meaning of this dream and advice

One of the most common issues that people who pay attention to their dreams and want to investigate their face is forgetting dreams – we know that dreams are telling us something, and we want to know what it is.

In any case, we know, on a deeper level, that dreams are our path or passage to the nonmaterial spiritual self.

It is what lies beyond – and on several levels, forgetting dreams can be observed.

There are numerous reasons for this, one of which is that, as previously stated, it is quite possible to completely forget dreams when you have the impression that you are “not dreaming” at all, which can happen to those who ignore dreams, believing that they have no meaning or value.

One message from this idea is not to ignore the words and inputs that come from the Source; instead, be open to them and watch how that world becomes more communicative and lively.

Another possibility is that you have previously remembered dreams, but then there was a period of time when you did not have any dreams (when the brain is not recalling dreams).

Here, too, forgetting can be complete, giving the impression that you don’t have to dream anything, or the dream quickly “flies away” after waking up, and you often can’t guess what contents appeared in the dream.

There is also a third option, which many spiritual teachings claim is the most plausible: you forget dreams at certain points in your life because your spiritual self must be re-born.

It’s as if someone or something bigger than us is cleaning up what came before to make way for something better.

On rare occasions, forgetting dreams indicate a failure in our lives, minds, and souls, but most of the time, it is a matter of re-balancing the spiritual self to accept/receive something more important than usual.

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