What Does the Bible Say About Going Through Hard Times (Hope at Last)

what does the bible say about going through hard times

Searching what does the bible say about going through hard times?

In this life, everyone will face difficulties, but as believers, we have hope for the future. We shall not have to fear hard times in eternity with the Lord because everything will be made perfect.

It’ll make you question why you bother to try/Hard times/Will drag you down and make you laugh as you cry… I’m still not sure how I’m going to make it/Hard times.” These are the lyrics of Paramore’s renowned song “Hard Times,” which can be found on their most recent album After Laughter.

Growing up, my sister and I were huge fans of Paramore because of the main vocalist, Hayley Williams’, edgy aesthetic and honest lyrics. The lyrics to Paramore’s song “Hard Times” are honest, authentic, and true to our own personal struggles. There have been numerous difficult situations that I still can’t believe I’ve made it through.

You may be able to relate to the death of loved ones, illnesses, and fears in your own life. Hard circumstances can produce a lot of stress in our bodies; yet, the Bible provides us with some encouragement in these situations.

Difficulties times are inevitable

It’s difficult to go through challenging circumstances. The majority of individuals despise the concept of going through a difficult period in their lives. At all costs, we try to avoid adversity. God is with us, according to the Bible, even while we are going through difficult times (Joshua 1:9; Isaiah 41:10). Although difficult times are never enjoyable, they can teach us a lot about God.

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We will endure challenges, temptations, and tribulations during difficult times, but the Lord will never abandon us. “Blessed is the one who perseveres under adversity,” James 1:12 states, “because he will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him after he has stood the test.”

Believers can get a lot of knowledge through challenges because they force us to grow in our faith. Life will have its ups and downs, but both the good and bad will help us grow. The Lord does not want us to remain in a state of spiritual stagnation. He desires for us to continue to mature in our relationship with Him.

We can get stronger in our walk with the Lord through going through difficult times. We must turn to the Lord if we are experiencing anxiety, distress, or worry as a result of the difficult circumstances in our lives.

“Do not be worried about anything,” Paul writes in Philippians 4:6-7, “but in every circumstance, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, submit your requests to God.” In Christ Jesus, the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds.”

Hand up all of your worries to the Lord. It is unavoidable that we will experience anxiety, difficulty, and distress during challenging circumstances. Despite our feelings, the Lord can provide us with the strength to overcome them. Lean on the Lord, and He will strengthen you.

Another useful strategy Paul teaches us in his epistle to the Philippians is where to focus our attention during difficult times. Think on what is true, noble, right, pure, beautiful, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy, as Paul instructs us (Philippians 4:8).

It will be much simpler to go through the difficult times if we think about these things. We will be able to overcome the difficulties if we focus our minds and hearts on the Lord and the benefits in our life. We will not be broken by adversity until we allow it. The Lord does not want us to be drowned out by adversity; if we let Him, He will carry us.

What does the bible say about going through hard times?

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The job was a man who had experienced adversity. In one day, Job lost all of his adult children, all of his cattle, his home was destroyed, and he was covered in sores from head to toe. This isn’t even taking into account the fact that Job discovered he didn’t have any trustworthy friends or a wife who persuaded him to curse God and die (Job 2:9).

Despite this difficult period in Job’s life, he never accused God of wrongdoing. Furthermore, Job never doubted God’s goodness throughout the story. “God may kill me, but I have no other hope,” Job says. “I’m going to present my case to him” (NLT).

Similarly, we must trust God throughout the course of our life’s trials and tribulations. Even though some difficult circumstances endure our entire lives, we must continue to trust and rely on God. Hard times have a way of eroding pride, thus humility might be the result of them.

God is continuously reshaping and molding us into the image of His Son. Jesus was always modest and never arrogant. Similarly, adversity will help us develop humility. The Apostle Paul was another person who had experienced adversity.

For the sake of the name of Christ, Paul was persecuted, stoned, imprisoned, and suffered tremendously (Acts 9:29, 14:5; 2 Corinthians 4:9, 11:24; 2 Timothy 2:9, 3:11). Paul had to deal with adversity on a regular basis. Paul’s difficulties did not fade away with the passage of time. In fact, as Paul’s life progressed, the difficulties became more pronounced.

Nero executed Paul as a martyr for his faith in Jesus Christ. Despite the fact that Paul’s earthly life was never without difficulties, he is now free of them now that he is with Jesus. Furthermore, the Lord Jesus Christ is the best example of a person who went through difficult circumstances as documented in the Bible.

Jesus suffered through torture, suffering, and false accusations. Crucifixion was the harshest sort of death a person might face during Jesus’ lifetime. Only the most heinous criminals were sentenced to death by crucifixion. Despite the fact that Jesus did nothing deserving of death, the Jewish leaders sentenced him to death by crucifixion.

Jesus’ death was not the only difficult period in His life; He also faced sadness, pain, and rejection. During His lifetime, Jesus had to deal with a lot of difficulties. Jesus went through the most difficult moment of his life for us in order to save us from our sins.

In this life, everyone will face difficulties, but as believers, we have hope for the future. We shall not have to fear terrible times in eternity with the Lord because everything will be made perfect (1 Peter 1:3-4).

“For our light and transitory sufferings are earning for us an eternal glory that far transcends them all,” 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 says. So we fix our gaze on what is unseen rather than what is seen because what is seen is transient, whereas what is unseen is permanent.”

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It is natural to go through difficult periods in life. There will be happy, bad, and difficult moments. If you’re having a hard time today, pray to God for assistance. He may not be able to remove you from the situation, but He will grant you His serenity (John 14:27).

God is in charge, and He will see to it that you remain strong to the end. Few of us appreciate going through terrible periods in life, yet they will draw us closer to God and increase our faith. Even difficult situations can serve as a catalyst for transformation in our lives.

The termination of a friendship, the closing of a business, or the death of a loved one is all examples of difficult times that lead us to know the Lord. Hard times are terrible, but they may also be periods of great growth.

So, what does this imply?

Although Jesus never wishes to see us in agony, we will face difficulties throughout our life as a result of the world’s sin. God has the ability to transform the negative into something positive (Romans 8:28). Know that Jesus is with you every step of the way, no matter where you are today and what you’re facing.

Whether you’re fighting an illness, grieving the loss of a loved one, or losing your job, Jesus is with you every step of the way. Although the Lord does not promise to remove us from our difficulties, He does promise to take our hand and walk with us through the valley of the shadow of death (Psalm 23:4).

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