10 Best Gift You Can Give to Jesus This Christmas

what is the best gift you can give to Jesus this Christmas

what is the best gift you can give to Jesus this Christmas?

Christ is at the center of Christmas. Have you ever thought about what Jesus might want for Christmas if He had WISH? Many of us have never considered the answer to this question, but the Advent season is an excellent time to do so. While we don’t know the exact answer, we can learn a lot from His requests, particularly John 17. “Father, I desire that they also, whom you have given me, be with me where I am,” Jesus says (John 17:24). Jesus also informs us that the poor and downtrodden are important to His Kingdom, which will finally bring salvation and justice to all. “None of you should be looking out for your personal interests, but for the interests of others,” the Bible says (1 Corinthians 10:24). People whom Jesus has called and commissioned to represent His Kingdom on Earth are expected to share his care for those in need. What can we do to better keep the Christ in Christmas and recognize what Jesus wants for us? This Christmas, what is the best gift you can give to Jesus?.

10 best gifts you can give to Jesus this Christmas

1. Jesus desires that we love Him as much as God loves Him.

Not only does Jesus want us to see His splendor, but he also wants us to love Him as much as the Father loves Him. “I have made you known to them and will continue to make you known to them in order for the love you have for me to be in them and for me to be in them,” Jesus says (John 17:26). Jesus’ desire and aim for us is for us to be able to perceive His glory and adore what we see with the same love that the Father has for His Son. This does not suggest that we simply emulate the Father’s love for the Son. He implies that the Father’s love for the Son becomes our love for him. This is what the Spirit instills in us: the Father’s love for the Son through the Spirit.

2. Jesus desires that we assist people who are in need.

We are obligated to help one another as Christians, but we are also called to aid those who are less fortunate. “If a man shuts his ears to the plea of the poor, he will cry out and not be answered,” Proverbs 21:13 states. “How can anybody have the love of God if he has worldly riches and sees his brother in need but has no sympathy on him?” says 1 John 3:17. Volunteering and donating to causes that support the poor and disenfranchised is a terrific way to help the impoverished and disenfranchised during the Christmas season. With 95 percent of donations going directly to services that benefit the poor, the Salvation Army is one of the best charities to support. Another fantastic volunteer opportunity is to participate in the Angel Tree program, which allows you to provide Christmas gifts for needy children who would otherwise go without. What better way to honor Christ than to assist a needy neighbor?

3. Jesus desires to be the most important person in your life.

Anything or anyone that takes precedence in your life over Jesus is an idol. Jesus would like you to put Him first this Christmas, ahead of your finances, interests, relationships, and schedule – even your problems. Giving Him your heart is the first step. “Where your treasure is, there will also be your heart,” the Bible says (Luke 12:34). What you love, appreciate, and care about the most is your heart. Giving your resources to Jesus’ work is one way you can offer Him your heart this Christmas. This isn’t to say that Jesus requires your money; rather, He desires what money represents – your heart.

4. Repentance of your Sin

It is simpler to acknowledge that we have sins and flaws for which we must repent when we are suitably humble. What sin or flaw have you been justifying for far too long?

What would be the greatest gift you could give to Jesus if you gave up one of your sins? We will continue to travel around in circles on the cycle of sin and wickedness unless we take the initial step to repent and begin walking down the strait and narrow road (see 2 Nephi 31:14-19).

5. Study the Scriptures Daily.

The Bible, as God’s word, is one of the most powerful tools we have for determining what God wants us to do. Wouldn’t the Savior want us to read His words and obey His commands if we were to give Him a gift? If you do not frequently study God’s word, now is the moment to give the Savior, Jesus Christ, the gift of regular scripture study.

We are warned in the Book of Mormon:

6. Have Faith in the Face of Adversity

It can be tough for us to have confidence in Jesus Christ at terrible moments in our lives. If you are currently going through a trial, choosing to trust the Lord would be a wonderful spiritual gift to give to the Savior.

We often need assistance in giving Christ the gift of faith, especially through our tribulations, so don’t overlook these resources for conquering adversity, such as how to deal with stress, have hope, and fortify oneself by donning God’s armor.

7. In everything, give thanks to God.

Gratitude is one of the most significant gifts we may give to our Savior, in my opinion. We should give thanks to God for everything He has done (and continues to do) for us since He is the source of everything we are, have, and will be and have in the future.

Start offering the gift of gratitude by reading these gratitude quotations.

Giving our Savior a spiritual gift does not need you to be perfect in every way right now, but it does require you to do your very best. When you fall, get back up, confess your sins, and keep moving forward. Our Savior loves us and accepts all of our gifts, no matter how small or insignificant they may be. We will be the ones who are benefited as we give Christ the gift of ourselves.

8. Jesus is looking for your trust.

Your trust would almost certainly be at the top of Jesus’ Christmas wish list. Remember that faith is a personal choice. You can’t put your trust in Jesus unless you give it to Him. When you put your trust in Christ, you’re not relying on yourself, but on Jesus. Learning from Christ is the most crucial aspect of following Him. By looking to Christ as our Teacher, we can learn to live a new life that is in accordance with His will and truth. Jesus demonstrates how to live and will also instruct us on how to pray. When we understand what Jesus expects of us, we rely on His strength and power, which is empowered by the Holy Spirit, to carry out those tasks.

9. Jesus desires for you to bear witness.

What better gift can you give Christ than to be a compelling testimony to His life and mission and to draw others into the Christian family? Children who choose to love and trust Him are what He seeks. This is why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. This Christmas, you can introduce someone to Jesus by telling them about what he has done in your life. When the Wise Men came to see Jesus on the first Christmas, we know from Scripture that they didn’t merely gift Him everything they had leftover. Instead, they presented Him with three priceless gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh (Matthew 2:11). You are giving Jesus a far more important gift than the Wise Men brought by bringing other people to Christ.

10. You are desired by Jesus.

The gift of yourself is one of the most precious gifts you can give Jesus this season. Jesus desires to have a relationship with you. Of course, Jesus desires other individuals as well, but you are unable to provide them to Jesus. You, on the other hand, have the ability to witness, exhort, and urge people to follow Christ. This begins with a genuine surrender to Christ. Take these four steps to get started. To begin, you can dedicate yourself to Christ by offering Him your time, skill, and financial resources. Second, instead of serving yourself, you might offer yourself to Christ by helping others. Third, you might surrender to Christ by leading a holy life in an ungodly environment, spending time in His presence, and listening to Him. Finally, by educating others about Christ, you can offer yourself to Him.

what is the best gift you can give to Jesus this Christmas?

What better gift can we give Christ this Christmas than to behold Him in all of His glory and accept everything He has to offer? Christ is continuously displaying His magnificence to us, but we must find contentment and delight in it. Be committed to growing in your connection with Jesus this Christmas and doing everything you can to show His love and magnificence to others.

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